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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014u.Investigating discourse markers in Chinese college EFL teacher talk :a multi-layered analytical approachYang, Shanru
2019UAV photogrammetry ground control reductions using GNSSGrayson, Benjamin
2003UK corporate data and future cash flowsAl-Attar, Ali Mohammad
2020The UK equity unit trusts : time-varying market risk and idiosyncratic riskLi, Yanyu
2016The UK statutory derivative action : an opportunity to bring justice to minority shareholdersPitsillidou, Lida
2011Ultimate elastic wall stress envelopes for (GRE) pipesAssaleh, Tarak Ahmed
2019Ultrasonic and geochemical characterisation of asphaltene aggregation in water-in-oil emulsionsSvalova, Aleksandra
2020UM, ER it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do itStobbart, Kate
2018Uncertain existence :the reproductive decision-making of women with mitochondrial diseaseTonge, Julia
2018Uncertainties in long-term management of water resourcesJahanshahi, Golnaz
2014Uncertainty and uncertainty tolerance in service provisioningAbdullah, Johari
2010Uncertainty in service provisioning relationshipsSmith, Christopher John
2017Underdetermined convolutive source separation using two dimensional non-negative factorization techniquesAl Tmeme, Ahmed Sattar Hadi
1977Underground potash mine design based on rock mechanics principles and measurementsHebblewhite, Bruce K
2020Understanding and controlling the stability and reactivity of noble metal nanoparticles for CO oxidationTang, Chenyang
2014Understanding and creating CPD for and with teachers :the development and implementation of a model for CPDWatters, Grainne
2019Understanding and improving the diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodiesKane, Joseph P M
2020Understanding Charles Bonnet syndrome: mechanisms and interventionda Silva Morgan, Katrina
2012Understanding choice behaviour to advance sustainable development in housing productionNyong, Eno Dorothy
2016Understanding culture shock ;the adjustment of expatriate sojourners on international assignmentFitzpatrick, John Francis