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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014u.Investigating discourse markers in Chinese college EFL teacher talk :a multi-layered analytical approachYang, Shanru
2019UAV photogrammetry ground control reductions using GNSSGrayson, Benjamin
2003UK corporate data and future cash flowsAl-Attar, Ali Mohammad
2020The UK equity unit trusts : time-varying market risk and idiosyncratic riskLi, Yanyu
2016The UK statutory derivative action : an opportunity to bring justice to minority shareholdersPitsillidou, Lida
2011Ultimate elastic wall stress envelopes for (GRE) pipesAssaleh, Tarak Ahmed
2019Ultrasonic and geochemical characterisation of asphaltene aggregation in water-in-oil emulsionsSvalova, Aleksandra
2018Uncertain existence :the reproductive decision-making of women with mitochondrial diseaseTonge, Julia
2018Uncertainties in long-term management of water resourcesJahanshahi, Golnaz
2014Uncertainty and uncertainty tolerance in service provisioningAbdullah, Johari
2010Uncertainty in service provisioning relationshipsSmith, Christopher John
2017Underdetermined convolutive source separation using two dimensional non-negative factorization techniquesAl Tmeme, Ahmed Sattar Hadi
1977Underground potash mine design based on rock mechanics principles and measurementsHebblewhite, Bruce K
2020Understanding and controlling the stability and reactivity of noble metal nanoparticles for CO oxidationTang, Chenyang
2014Understanding and creating CPD for and with teachers :the development and implementation of a model for CPDWatters, Grainne
2019Understanding and improving the diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodiesKane, Joseph P M
2012Understanding choice behaviour to advance sustainable development in housing productionNyong, Eno Dorothy
2016Understanding culture shock ;the adjustment of expatriate sojourners on international assignmentFitzpatrick, John Francis
2015Understanding failures of artificial joints through engineering analysisBone, Martin
2019Understanding how schools, families and children work together to support the inclusion of children demonstrating challenging behaviour.Cant, Rachel