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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017¹⁹F-MRI of inhaled perfluoropropane for quantitative imaging of pulmonary ventilationNeal, Mary Agnes
2013Fabrication & characterisation of enzyme electrodes for biosensor and biofuel cell applicationsMerotra, James
2013Fabrication and characterisation of DNA-templated copper nanowiresPate, Jonathan
2007Fabrication and characterization of nanowire arrays on InP(100) surfacesZhao, Guiping
2014Fabrication and nano-scale characterisation of ferroelectric thin filmsKarunakaran Ponon, Nikhil
2015Fabrication, functionalisation and characterisation of epitaxial graphene devicesNagareddy, Venkata Karthik
2019Factors affecting job satisfaction among Saudi male and female teachers in Riyadh primary schoolsAlarifi, Nouf Abdullah M.
2017Factors affecting the safe use of oral anticoagulantsAbohelaika, Salah Ahmed O
2016Factors associated with the occurrence of developmental defects of enamel and dental fluorosis among 4 and 8 year olds in NigeriaIbiyemi, Olushola
2011Factors controlling the microbial community associated with reef building coralsSweet, Michael John
1992Factors controlling the performance of horizontal flow roughing fittersLebcir, Rabia
2015Factors impeding organisational change in education :a case study of TatweerAl Shibani, Mariam Mohammed Marouf
2015Factors influencing teaching for critical thinking in Vietnamese lower secondary schools :a mixed method study focussed on historyNgoc Du, Nguyen
1991Factors influencing the analgesic effects and clinical efficacy of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)Johnson, Mark Ian
2019Factors influencing the decision to farm organic practices in MalaysiaMohamed Haris, Nur Bahiah Binti
2017Factors influencing the propensity of real estate investors in the U.K. to employ property derivatives : a surveyHanisch, Alexander Thomas
2002Factors limiting the abundance abd distribution of hirola (Beatragus hunteri) in KenyaAndanje, Samuel A.
2011Fair trade and community empowerment :the case of sugar producers in MalawiPhillips, David
2011Falls and fall related injury in older people with chronic liver diseaseFrith, James
2005Families' experiences of adopting from overseasMason, Kathleen Anne