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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017a A longitudinal study of long-term Escherichia coli colonisation of the elderly bladderDrage, Lauren Kathryn Letitia
1997A-level English language and English literature :contrasts in teaching and learningHardman, Frank Christopher
2013Ab initio modelling of quasi-one-dimensional Bose gas experiments via the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equationGallucci, Donatello
2011An ab initio study of the origin of p-type doping in ZnO using group-V elementsGsiea, Abdusalam Mohamed Saleh
2015The ability of the local planning authority to implement zoning regulations : a case study of Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaHelmi, Mansour
2012Abrogating GRP78 function as a strategy to increase apoptosis of tumour cellsMartin, Shaun.
2012Absent voting, the Help America Vote Act 2002, and the American overseas voter :an analysis of policy effectiveness and political participationMurray, Judith
2014Abundance, interaction and movement in a European lobster stockSkerritt, Daniel John
2019Abyssal ocean circulation driven by geothermal fluxesBarnes, Jowen Menhinick
2019Acceptance and adoption of the Internet of Things : user perspectiveLu, Yang
2003Access to general practice :a qualitative study of appointment making in general practiceGallagher, Morris
2011Accessibility and disability in the built environment : negotiating the public realm in ThailandSawadsri, Antika
2008Accessing services: trafficking victims'/survivors' experiences in the UKJobe, Alison
2015Accountability and social impact measurement for a third sector supported housing organisationNobari, Juila Janfeshar
2018Accounting for healthcare in the Newcastle Infirmary during the 19th centuryHolden, Andrew John
2009Accounting for the management of the River Tyne in the 19th centuryBrackenborough, Susan
2013The accuracy of filtered basis functions for the first principles modelling of defects in semiconductorsShrif, Fadil Ezzedin Irhoma
1991An accurate prefetching policy for object oriented systemsSong, Dong Ho
2012Achieving '5 a day' :an exploratory mixed method investigation of consumers who attain the UK fruit and vegetable recommendationWatson, Nichol
2019Achieving mutual engagement in ELT classroom interaction : a study of participation in the opening and closing practices of circle timeImpithuksa, Suparee