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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Data-driven, mechanistic and hybrid modelling for statistical fault detection and diagnosis in chemical processesStubbs, Shallon Monique
1993Dataflow development of medium-grained parallel softwareHarley, Jonathan William
2007Daughters of Dionysus :women writers and the dark side of late-victorian hellenismOlverson, Tracy Dawn
2007De-fragmentation of space within dwellings and neighbourhoods in Al-Madinah using urban information sytems (space syntax and Arc/GIS)Neyazi, Yousef Abdulkabeer M.
2009Dealing with hidden issues :social rejection experienced by trafficked women in NepalPoudel, Meena
1988Decentralised Control Flow: A Computational Model for Distributed SystemsMundy, David H.
2022Decentralised, trustless marketplace for brokered IoT data tradingBajoudah, Shaimaa Mohammed A
2020The DECIDE Study: Delirium and Cognitive Impact in DementiaRichardson, Sarah Joanna
2018Deciduous teeth as a tool to record early life exposure of zinc nutritionWahono, Nieka Adhara
2021Deciphering liver fibrosis with next generation omicsSabater Olivas, Laura
2018Deciphering the role of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in cutaneous wound healingAl-Shaibani, Moyassar Basil Had
2016Decision making about breech presentation :exploring women's experiences and developing decision supportSay, Rebecca Emily
1998Decision making by expert coaches : an investigation into apparently intuitive practiceLyle, John William Baird
2011Decision making in pregnancy and childbirth : hopes, expectations and realitiesLally, Joanne Elizabeth
2021A decision-making tool for real-time prediction of dynamic positioning reliability indexShankar, Charles Fernandez
1997Decision-support system for domestic water demand forecasting and managementFroukh, Mohammed Lu’ay Jamal
2015Declines and conservation of Himalayan GalliformesDunn, Jonathon Charles
1999Dediazoniation reactions as potential routes to fluoroaromaticsSexton, Brian
1983Deep bed drying of maltBala, Bilash Kanti
2021Deep language learning at a distance : Investigating the efficacy of a low-cost blended intervention in the small rural primary schools of GreeceLymperi, Leonidia