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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The course of disability in the very old :drivers and trajectoriesKingston, Andrew
2018Covering theory of buildings and their quotientsNorledge, William Douglas
2015Creating moments of democracy through video interaction guidance : a participatory exploration of perceived challenging behaviourPrested, Ruth Eileen
2015Creating new pathways in peripheral regional economies : the offshore wind and printable electronics industries in the North East of EnglandFisher, Ben
2013Creating novel ligand libraries from air-stable, chiral primary phosphinesFicks, Arne
2019Creating regional industries : path creation and offshore wind in the U.K.Pollock, Robert John
2016Creating understandings of relationships through video interaction guidance : an exploration of resilienceOcock, Victoria Elizabeth
2012Creative friction : representations of child-carer relationships in contemporary children's fiction and Om Shanti, Babe, a novel for childrenLimon, Helen
2015Creative thinking in teacher education colleges : an investigation of the preparation of primary pre-service student teachers in KuwaitAl Yaseen, Fatemah
2014Criminal enforcement of intellectual property and its effect on human right (analytical comparative examination of TRIPs and human rights) :a UK and Jordan case-studyMassadeh, Firas Abdel-Mahdi
2017Crisis and concomitant forms of collective action :a critique of the Greek indignant movementBakola, Maria
2022Crisis management, reinvention and resilience in museums : the Imperial War Museum during the Second World War Era, 1933-1950Deans, Phillip William
2015Crisis of traditional identity in the built environment of the Saudi cities :Alsheliby, Mabrouk
2013The crisis of transcendence and the (im)possibility of teacher educationEdwards, Gail
2015A critical 'insider' story of self-harmJamieson, John Hill
2019A critical analysis of post-legislative scrutiny in the UK ParliamentCaygill, Thomas Robert
2012Critical change : a grounded theory study of teacher experience following involvement in critical incidentsJack, Richard
2012A critical discourse analysis of the 'GM Nation?' public debateAttar, Mohammed Arif
2013A critical examination and analysis of the processes by which educational psychologists constructed themselves as ethical professionals :to be what I am notDevlin, Niall
2013A critical examination of the scientific credentials of Marine Protected Areas :sound science or a leap of faith?Caveen, Alex