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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Using Bluetooth to estimate traffic metrics for traffic management applicationsAyodele, Emmanuel Gbenga
2018Using chemical structure and inocula characteristics to predictively model biodegradation rateKishor, Acharya
2019Using consummatory behaviour to measure the affective state and welfare of laboratory miceClarkson, Jasmine Maria
2019Using economic evaluation and preference elicitation methods to inform decisions about how best to reorganise services :a case study of the redesign of emergency medical servicesBhattarai, Nawaraj
2022Using genetic linkage analysis to identify nuclear genetic modifiers of the pathogenic mtDNA variation m.3243A>GBoggan, Róisín Marie
2021Using Ipsative assessment to improve feedback quality and the student assessment experience in university computer scienceCrosby, Ryan
2008Using mobile computing for construction site information managementChen, Yuan
2018Using mobile technology to foster autonomy among language learnersAlbadry, Haifa Fareed Abdulmajeed.
2015Using mouse models to learn about mitochrondial DNA point mutations in ageing and diseaseBaines, Holly Louise
2016Using natural gas to meet latent energy demand in Nigeria and deliver economic advantageAdamu, Ahmed
2020Using novel nanostructured materials for desulphurisation and oil clean-upAlibraheemi, Ahmed
2016Using person centred planning with children and young people : what are the outcomes and how is it experienced at a time of transition from primary to secondary school?Partington, Laura Michelle
2023Using publicly available data and battery models for energy consumption estimation in electric vehiclesAlateef, Saad Brahim F
2011Using requirements and design information to predict volatility in software developmentIngram, Claire
2005Using solution focused brief therapy to support secondary aged pupils facing exclusion from schoolWilson, Dennis
2022Using Spatially Explicit Soil Mapping and Modelling to Understand and Mitigate Nitrate Leaching in an Agricultural CatchmentHina, Naila Sumreen
2013Using structural complexity to explain decision-making on corporate responsibilityNguyen, Tam Robert
2018Using systems biology to investigate how age-related changes in TGFβ signalling alter pro-inflammatory stimuliHodgson, David
2021Using theoretical chemistry to understand the properties of Polyoxometalates and their potential as energy storage materialsFablo, Emanuele
2014Using theoretical frameworks of behaviour to understand and improve health care deliveryHrisos, Susan