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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Two ethnicities, three generations : phonological variation and change in KuwaitTaqi, Hanan
2018Two ways of meaning in architecture - : "conceptual meaning" and "pragmatic meaning"Ye, Xi
2014Two-component Bose-Einstein condensates :equilibria and dynamics at zero temperature and beyondPattinson, Robert William
2022Two-dimensional vortex-induced vibrations of cylindrical structures in oscillatory flowsOpinel, Pierre-Adrien
1987Two-stage drying of wheat and barleyGupta, Avtar Krishan
2007A two-tier adaptive approach to securing successful ERP implementationHui, Sai Chung
2011Tyneside flats :a paradigm tenure for interconnected dwellingsWadsworth, Geoffrey James
2017Type 1 interferons in early rheumatoid arthritisCooles, Faye Anisa Hogarth
2014Type 2 diabetes prevention in high-risk individuals :how might effective, equitable and sustainable service provison be achieved?Penn, Linda Dorothy
2023Type IV pili proteins in Clostridioides difficileWang, Ziyi
2017Type-2 fuzzy logic system applications for power systemsCastro León, Iván
2014u.Investigating discourse markers in Chinese college EFL teacher talk :a multi-layered analytical approachYang, Shanru
2019UAV photogrammetry ground control reductions using GNSSGrayson, Benjamin
2003UK corporate data and future cash flowsAl-Attar, Ali Mohammad
2020The UK equity unit trusts : time-varying market risk and idiosyncratic riskLi, Yanyu
2016The UK statutory derivative action : an opportunity to bring justice to minority shareholdersPitsillidou, Lida
2018UK university fundraising : an analysis of inequality and its perpetuationGibson, Alison
2011Ultimate elastic wall stress envelopes for (GRE) pipesAssaleh, Tarak Ahmed
2022Ultra-Nationalism & Socialism-from-Above in the Early Kita IkkiHoward, Nicholas Gregory
2019Ultrasonic and geochemical characterisation of asphaltene aggregation in water-in-oil emulsionsSvalova, Aleksandra