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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Understanding idempotents in diagram semigroupsLoughlin, Nicholas James
2021Understanding international postgraduate students’ adjustment in a British university: motivations for study abroad and subsequent academic, sociocultural and psychological experiencesZhao, Xuan
2017Understanding nutrient transport across the outer membrane by members of the human gut microbiotaGlenwright, Amy Jane
2015Understanding organisation-CRM system misfits and their evolution : $$b a path to improving post-adoption CRM system usageAlbietz, Bruno
2023Understanding Student Discontinuation in Online Language Courses in Corporate TrainingCacheiro Quintas, Noelia
2022Understanding the Clinical Impact of Autoimmune HepatitisWong, Lin Lee
2015Understanding the complexity of factors which influence livelihoods of the urban poor in Lagos' informal settlementsOlajide, Oluwafemi Ayodeji
2014Understanding the forces that affect the market orientation of three diverse teams : a mixed-methods, longitudinal studyDion, John Frederick
2018Understanding the inhibitory effects of plant-derived isothiocyanates and biofumigation on potato cyst nematodesWood, Claire
2012Understanding the mechanisms regulating liver fibrosis (including the use of imaging techniques in its study and diagnosis)Hill, Stephen John
2011Understanding the molecular basis for MMP-13 repression by IL-4Duncan, Rachel
2020Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Muscle Disease using a Quantitative, Quadruple Immunofluorescent AssayAhmed, Syeda Tasnim
2018Understanding the molecular response of rice to biotic (brown planthopper) and abiotic (nitrogen deficiency) stressKupusamy, Uma Priya
2012Understanding the neurobiology of executive dysfunction in psychiatric disordersWallace, Joanne
2014Understanding the perceptions of traceability systems in the cocoa supply chain :a case of GhanaAmegashie-Duvon, Edem
2006Understanding the process of Portfolio-Supported Learning & Assessment (PSLA) with reference to the learning attitudes of Postgraduate Medical Students (SpRs) at the Queen's School of AnaesthesiaGupta, Shashi Kant
2013Understanding the proliferative and self-renewal potential of different leukaemic stem cell populationsLatif, Elda Surhaida
2003Understanding the regional migration routes and field charging history of the Oued Mya-Hassi Messaoud petroleum system, AlgeriaBoutoutaou, Djamel
2020Understanding the Role of Citizen Generated Data in the Context of Public Health – A Case Study on Breastfeeding and FeedFinderSimpson, Emma
2016Understanding the role of miRNA expression in the differentiation of haematopoietic stem cells from pluripotent stem cellsMeader, Eleanor Synnove