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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Treatment of biomass gasification tars with non-thermal plasmasSaleem, Faisal
2017Treatment technologies for recycle liquors :nutrient removal, mass balances, and potential recovery at wastewater treatment plantsNdam, Edmond Nkechacha
1972Trends in education in Northern England during the eighteenth century :a biographical studyRobinson, Francis John Gibson
2023Trends in vitamin D and its influence on outcomes following total hip and knee arthroplastyMorrison, Rory John McGillivray
2006A tri-generational study of language choice and language shift in Port Harcourt City NigeriaIhemere, Kelechukwu Uchechukwu
2014Triaryl-like kitphos phosphines in gold and palladium catalysisWard, Nicholas
2021Tribological evaluation of total shoulder arthroplasty implants : advanced in vitro wear testing and retrieval analysisRamírez Martínez, Israel
2019'Tricksters', 'victims' and 'saviours' in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict : a discourse-mythological analysis of Al Jazeera online and the Palestinian papersKhoulani, Lina
2017Trihalomethanes : from precursors to management strategiesValdivia-Garcia, Maria
2012Trophodynamics on mid-ocean ridgesReid, William David Kenneth
2013Tropical lowland rainforests :rapid recyclers or efficient storers of carbon?Pereira, Ryan
1991The true Israel :uses of the names Jew, Hebrew and Israel in ancient Jewish literatureHarvey, Graham Alan Peter
2010Truth matters : an assessment of Foucauldian discourse analysis through the case study of the George W. Bush's administration's war on terrorismPerezalonso, Andrés
2010TS fuzzy approach for modeling, analysis and design of non-smooth dynamical systemsMehran, Kamyar
2017Tumour promoting HER2 splice variant 16HER2 : regulation and implication in breast cancerDittrich, Anna-Lena
1973Tungsten-nitrogen interactions in ironStephenson, Alan
1972Turbogenerator transient behaviour under large system disturbances : a study of performance improvements by fast acting controlsJenkins, K
2010Two ethnicities, three generations : phonological variation and change in KuwaitTaqi, Hanan
2018Two ways of meaning in architecture - : "conceptual meaning" and "pragmatic meaning"Ye, Xi
2014Two-component Bose-Einstein condensates :equilibria and dynamics at zero temperature and beyondPattinson, Robert William