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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Vocational training in the Performing Arts at level III from 1987-2002.Joseph, Christopher James
2013Voice quality features in the production of pharyngeal consonants by Iraqi Arabic speakersAlsiraih, Wasan
2013Voice tremor in Parkinson's disease (PD) :identification, characterisation and relationship with speech, voice and disease variablesGillivan-Murphy, Patricia
2009Voice, body and performance in Tori Amos, Björk and Diamanda Galás : towards a theory of feminine vocal performanceZaplana Rodríguez, Esther
2012The voicing contrast in Serbian stopsSokolovic-Perovic, Mirjana
2004Volo non Valeo quia Nequeo quod Desidero :antithetic aristocrat : George Howard, ninth Earl of Carlisle (1843 - 1911), artist and patronHaslam, Katherine Louise
2020Voltage and capacitance sensing using time comparisonGao, Kaiyuan
2013Voltage equalisation techniques for high capacitance device modulesLambert, Simon
2018Vortex-induced motions of multiple cylindrical offshore structuresLiang, Yibo
2020Vowel adaptation in English loanwords in ThaiPhetkla, Chanuwan
2012w.Development of bioelectronics for inertial sensing applicationsDale, Carl Andrew
2014Waste stabilization pond ecology :a molecular approachEland, Lucy Elizabeth
2017A water grid for the UKLeathard, Alex
2015Water harvesting for crop production :exploring adoption and use in Burkina Faso from a livelihoods perspectivesBunclark, Lisa Annita
2015Water infrastructure vulnerability due to dependency on third party infrastructure sectorsHolmes, Matthew
2014Water resources and drought in international Iberian river basins under future climatesDe Brito Guerreiro, Selma
2011Water trades on the lower River Tyne in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuriesWright, Peter Dennis
2015The water use of the UK electricity sector and its vulnerability to droughtByers, Edward Anthony
2008Water, politics and the persistence of uneven development in the Zambian CopperbeltPadfield, Rory
2017a Weak intermolecular interactions of imidazole, urea and thiourea studied by microwave spectroscopyMullaney, John Connor