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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Process understanding and design methodology for industrial biotechnologyMcLachlan, Kirsty Jane
2016Processing and characterisation of novel bioceramics for load bearing applicationsMancuso, Elena
2011Processing and presentation of the rheumatoid arthritis candidate autoantigen aggrecan, by antigen-specific B cellsWilson, Caroline Louise
2016Processing Constantinople : understanding the role of lite in creating the sacred character of the landscapeManolopoulou, Vasiliki
2018Processing of TOP2-DNA covalent complexes by the ubiquitin-proteasome systemSwan, Rebecca Louise
2014Processivity and thermostability of archaeal DNA polymerases :application in PCRKinsman, Thomas Stephen
2017Production and perception of L2 English orthographic and phonological representations by L1 Tera/Hausa speakers :an experimental studyMusa, Rebecca Ishaku
2008Production and perception of Libyan Arabic vowelsAhmed, Albashir Abdulhamid Muftah
2018Production diseases and farm animal welfare :what do the public think?Clark, Beth
2012Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids from marine microorganismsAbd Elrazak, Ahmed Abdo Ahmed
2006Professional and pedagogical implications of training in thinking skills interventions :investigating primary school teachers' attitudes and beliefs about teaching thinking in England and in PortugalRodrigues, Stella Maria Fernandes Marques
2005Professional consultation with pupils through teaching about learning :educational psychologists working with pupils to explore their understanding of themselves as learners as they move from primary to secondary schoolHobbs, Charmian
2021Professional learning re-constructed through narrative inquiry in the United Arab EmiratesRobison, Shaun
2019Professional women's experiences of trade unionism : understanding enablers and barriers to participationEwington, Eve Mary
2021Professional-parent collaboration in behavioural interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders in Saudi ArabiaBuobaid, Mohammed Saleh A
2020Professionalism as explored through UK regulatory documentationBateman, Heidi Louise
2013Professionals developing professionalism :the interactional organisation of reflective practiceHarris, Andrew Robert
2014Profile, determinants and mechanisms of cerebral injury and cognitive impairment following strokeAkinyemi, Rufus Olusola
2018Profiling the human dendritic cell system by multiplexed gene expression analysisGreen, Kile James
1982Programming and verifying asynchronous systemsCotronis, John Yiannis