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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Prediction of the ultimate behaviour of tubular joints in offshore jacket structures using nonlinear finite element methodsTarigan, Hartanta
1995Prediction of two dimensional separated flows about a circular cylinder in the presence of boundariesWardhana, Wisnu
2019Predictive QSAR tools to aid in early process development of monoclonal antibodiesKarlberg, John Micael Andreas
2018Predictors of drug-free remission in rheumatoid arthritisBaker, Kenneth Frank
2006Predictors of imatinib response in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemiaCrossman, Lucy C.
2017Prehospital blood transfusion after combat injury and platelet function in an animal model of complex military traumaO'Reilly, David John
2021Preparation and applications of polymer immobilised ionic liquids for electrochemical applicationsLayford, Phillip
2021Preparation and characterization of silica, reduced graphene oxide and composite aerogelsKaya, Oznur
2018a Preparation of functional polyHIPE polymers for agro-process and bio-process applicationsThumbarathy, Deepashree
1999Preparation of human myometrium for term : the role of signalling associated proteinsHatthachote, Panadda
2011Preparation of nano-structured macro-porous materialsMohamed, Rozita
2013Preparation of novel composite polyHIPE polymers and their applications in intensified removal of tars from syngasHasan, Hasni
2011Preparing ESL students for university level writing : the influence of using an electronic portfolio as a learning tool on ESL students' writing motivation and perforrmanceAlshahrani, Ali Ayed Saeed
2013The presence, nature and role of formulaic sequences in English advanced learners of French : a longitudinal studyCordier, Caroline
2017Pressure support ventilation or synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation for weaning premature babies on mechanical ventilation : a multi centre randomised controlled trialMallya, Prashant Moodabidri
2013The prevalence and clinical correlates of atrial fibrillation in those aged 70 and over in the Hai district of northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Matthew James
2013Prevalence and risk factors of asthma among cleaners in the north east of England.Al-Fajjam, Shaikhah Mohammed
2012Prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed cardiovascular disease burden in community dwelling 85+ year oldsYousaf, Fahad
2013The prevalence of neurological disorders in the 70 years and older population of the Hai district in northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Felicity
1990Preventing state divergence in replicated distributed systemsTully, Alan