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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Automatic lighting designHa, Hai Nam
1995Automatic parallelisation for a class of URE problemsChen, Xian
2017Automatic reconstruction of three-dimensional building models from dense image matching datasetsMcClune, Andrew Philip
2013Automatic region-of-interest extraction in low depth-of-field imagesRafiee, Gholamreza
2020Automating Computational Placement for the Internet of ThingsMichalák, Peter
2017Autonomous behaviour in tangible user interfaces as a design factorNowacka, Diana
1995Autonomy, ontology and the ideal :music theory and philosophical aesthetics in early Nineteenth Century German thoughtBiddle, Ian Duncan
2011Avian urate spheres :a non-invasive method to biomonitor environmental pollution and stress in birdsClapp, James Bruce
2022Axis police forces : collaboration and transnational interactions between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (1936-1943)Murro, Alberto
2013B cells as antigen-presenting cells in a model of rheumatoid arthritisHine, Dominic William
2020Bacterial DNA replication initiation : structural and functional analysisof the master initiator DnaAStevens, Daniel
2012Bacterial removal of iron impurities to increase the quality and value of industrial mineralsYahaya, Sani
2019Bacterially derived non-ribosomally synthesized peptides : isolation, structural elucidation, total synthesis and biological investigationTyler, Andrew Robert Michael
2021The balance between predators and prey in a mixed seabird colony: managing biodiversity and the conservation of rare speciesAlfarwi, Ibrahim
1979Balancing planar linkage mechanismsWalker, Michael John
2008Bare argument ellipsis and information structureKolokonte, Marina
2006Barnacle settlement behaviour in response to con- and allo-specific cuesKirby, Margaret Rose
2008Barry MacSweeney's North East :a study of the rural and the urban in his published and unpublished poetrySmith, Rebecca Anne
2013Batch-to-batch iterative learning control of a fed-batch fermentation processJewaratnam, Jegalakshimi
2019Battery charging system incorporating an equalisation circuit for electric vehiclesZhan, Huaxia