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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Optimisation for product and process improvement :investigation of Taguchi tools and genetic algorithmsGarzon, Inti Elias
2016Optimisation of data collection strategies for model-based evaluation and decision-makingCain, Robert
2020Optimisation of protocols for ex vivo expansion of limbal stem cells and their enrichmentBojic, Sanja
1998The optimisation of radiation dose in paediatric radiologyChapple, Claire Louise
1997The optimisation of steam turbine designWakeley, Guy Richard
2007Optimisation of the extended Kalman filter for speed estimation of induction motor drivesBuyamin, Salinda
2020Optimising agronomic management of the pseudocereals buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) and quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) for improved yield and nutritional qualityDomingos, Israel Freitas Nongando
2015Optimising baby to breast attachment (OBBA) : a mixed methods studyKelly, Teresa Ann
2014Optimising human sperm use in subfertilityGudipati, Madhav
2016Optimization of multidimensional equalizers based on MMSE criteria for multiuser detectionQader, Sangar Nasruldeen
2011Optimizing the integration and energy efficiency of through silicon via-based 3D interconnectsAsimakopoulos, Panagiotis
2017Optoelectronic properties of nano-structured silicon carbide prepared by anodic electrochemical etchingRashid, Mohd Marzaini Bin Mohd
2015Optogenetic chloride loading in neurons : implications for epilepsyAlfonsa, Hannah
2021Optogenetic investigation of cortical network dynamics in epilepsyGraham, Robert Thomson
2015Oral fluid as a non-invasive alternative diagnostic medium for disease monitoring in pigsDawson, Lorna Louise
1992The organic geochemistry of sedimentary organic matter from the Algerian SaharaAziez, Mebarka
1972Organic geochemistry of the marl slate and other organic rich sedimentsDungworth, Graham
1998Organic petrology, maturity, hydrocarbon potential and thermal history of the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous in the Liard Basin, Northern CanadaPotter, Judith
2020Organic User Interfaces for InteractiveInterior DesignNabil, Sara
2002Organisational performance and human resource managementBridges, Sarah Joanne