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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Oral fluid as a non-invasive alternative diagnostic medium for disease monitoring in pigsDawson, Lorna Louise
1992The organic geochemistry of sedimentary organic matter from the Algerian SaharaAziez, Mebarka
1972Organic geochemistry of the marl slate and other organic rich sedimentsDungworth, Graham
1998Organic petrology, maturity, hydrocarbon potential and thermal history of the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous in the Liard Basin, Northern CanadaPotter, Judith
2020Organic User Interfaces for InteractiveInterior DesignNabil, Sara
2002Organisational performance and human resource managementBridges, Sarah Joanne
2018Organising people, contructing meanings : social and institutional dynamics in the production of art museum knowledgesLocke, Jennifer L
2015The organization of functional heads and tense/aspect/mood interpretation in TurkishKuram, Kadri
2017Organophosphorus compounds as fluorescent probes for cell imagingSánchez Cid, Antonio Alberto
2016The 'Orient' in the 'Occident' : the social, cultural and spatial dynamics of Moroccan diaspora formations in Granada, SpainFinlay, Robin Neil
2012Orientations and lifeworlds of carers of older people in Tyne and Wear, UKAbbott, Angela
2021Orientations, Spectra and Absolutes: An exploration of the attitudes towards assisted dying expressed by respiratory and palliative medicine physicians, and the influence of their professional organisations.Peel, Edwin Timothy
2017Orienting behaviours and attentional processes in the mouse and macaque : neuroanatomy, electrophysiology and optogeneticsSavage, Michael Anthony
2011The origin and timing of quartz cementation in reservoir sandstones : evidence from in-situ microanalysis of oxygen isotopesHarwood, Joseph
2003Otitis media with effusion :key factorsTasker, Andrea
2015Out of body experiences: a practice-led evaluation of the shifting boundaries shared by analogue films and their digital counterpartsDee, Jason
2012Outcomes and impacts of blow-out fractures of the orbitAlhamdani, Faaiz Yaqub Kadhum
2018Overcoming water-gas-shift equilibrium via chemical loopingMak, Cheuk-Man
2006Overcrowding and the Holy Mosque, Makkah, Saudi ArabiaHalabi, Wael Saleh
2015Overkill : the sexualised body in violent identity politicsArmstrong, Megan Ann