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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Attitudes to disability :outlook and behaviour of physically handicapped (and non-handicapped) people in relation to disabilityFlynn, Edward Henry
2021Attitudes to immigration in times of crisis: the influence of austerity, cuts, and media attentionBray, Kerry
2022Audience 2.0 : new dynamics of audience reception in the age of social mediaCrosby, Jessica Marie
2015Audio-visual training effect on L2 perception and production of English /0/-/s/ and /d/-/z/ by Mandarin speakersLi, Ying
2011An auditory and acoustic study of liquids in MalayalamPunnoose, Reenu
2016Augmenting patient therapies with video game technologyDavison, Richard Gordon
2019Aural and Orthographic Input: Implications for the Acquisition of English Consonant Clusters by Northern Najdi Arabic Speakers.Al Azmi, Saleh
2020Auslander-Reiten theory, derived categories, and higher dimensional homological algebraFedele, Francesca
2021Authentic Ethnic Advertisements (AEA) : $$b scale development and validationAlomar, Nora
2021The ‘authoritarian turn’ in environmental planning? examining the conflict over shale gas ‘fracking’ in EnglandFearn, Gareth Paul
2020Automated inverse-rendering techniques for realistic 3D artefact compositing in 2D photographsMihut, Ana Maria
2002Automated test generation from algebraic specificationsPietschker, Andrej
2021The automatic classification of canine stateO’Sullivan, Jack
2017Automatic deployment and reproducibility of workflow on the Cloud using container virtualizationQasha, Rawaa Putros Polos
2020Automatic Generation of Distributed Runtime Infrastructure for Internet of ThingsMohammed, Saleh
2008Automatic lighting designHa, Hai Nam
1995Automatic parallelisation for a class of URE problemsChen, Xian
2017Automatic reconstruction of three-dimensional building models from dense image matching datasetsMcClune, Andrew Philip
2013Automatic region-of-interest extraction in low depth-of-field imagesRafiee, Gholamreza
2020Automating Computational Placement for the Internet of ThingsMichalák, Peter