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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Modulation of fat digestion using bioactive alginatesHoughton, David
2016Modulation of p53 signalling and response to MDM2-p53 binding antagonistsEsfandiari, Arman
2011The modulation of simultaneous chromatic contrast inductionWolf, Christopher James Lutton
2004Molecular and biochemical characterisation of key enzymes involved in mycolic acid biosynthesis from Mycobacterium tuberculosisBrown, Alistair Karl
2016Molecular and genetic basis of inherited optic neuropathiesFlannery, Padraig James
2008Molecular and Isotopic Constraints on Oil Accumulation in Tertiary DeltasSamuel, Olukayode James
2012Molecular approaches to understand plant-insect interactions to enhance pest controlShoala, Tahsin
2012The molecular basis for central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal tumour developmentHayden, James Timothy
2019The molecular basis of central element assembly within the synaptonemal complex during meiosisSalmon, Lucy Jennifer
2011The molecular basis of the interactions of copper metallochaperonesAggarwal, Shilpa
2010Molecular characterisation of Jatropha Curcas : towards an understanding of its potential as a non-edible oilseed-based source of biodieselPopluechai, Siam
2013Molecular characterization of terrestrial organic carbon in some organic-rich soils in the northern latitudesSwain, Eleanor Yvonne.
2014Molecular characterization of the cell division protein SepFCelik, Ilkay Nazli
2010The molecular composition and geochemical applications of asphaltenesMuhammad, Aminu Bayawa
2015A molecular cytogenetic investigation of secondary abnormalities and clonal evolution in ETV6-RUNX1 positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaAl-Shehhi, Halima
2020Molecular diversity from N-phenylquinoneimineAdesina, Adebimpe Dorcas
2013Molecular genetic analysis of inherited kidney disease in Saudi ArabiaAl-Hamed, Mohamed Hashem
2017Molecular genetic and epigenetic analysis of osteoarthritisRogers, Emma Louise
2020Molecular genetic studies of inherited cystic kidney disease in OmanAl Alawi, Intisar Hamed
2007Molecular genetics of Cornelia de Lange SyndromeWang, Tzu-Jou