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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Numerical analysis of the effects of climate change on slope stabilityDavies, Owen
1994A numerical and experimental study of open-channel flow in a pipe of circular cross-section with a flat bedHoohlo, Changela
2016a Numerical experimentation and analysis of quantum turbulence in superfluid helium IISherwin-Robson, Lucy Kathleen
2011Numerical improvements for large-scale flood simulationWang, Yueling
1972A numerical investigation of the Rayleigh-Ritz method for the solution of variational problemsLloyd, John Lionel
1993A numerical investigation of time integration schemes applied to the dynamic solution of mooring linesThomas, David Ormston
2018A numerical investigation on laminar natural convection of non-Newtonian fluids in enclosed spacesYigit Sahin
2013Numerical modelling of the flow about artificial reefsAl-Bouraee, Yassir
2018Numerical modelling of unsaturated tropical slopesMohd Taib, Aizat Bin
1983Numerical simulation of aerofoil and bluff body flows by vortex dynamicsPorthouse, David Terence Christopher
2020Numerical Simulations of Inhomogeneous Quantum TurbulenceRickinson, Em
2016A numerical study of vortices and turbulence in quantum fluidsStagg, George William
2012Numerical techniques for optimising rail grindingHyde, Paul
2012Numismatic data reconsidered: coin distributions and interpretation in studies of late Iron Age BritainLeins, Ian
2013Nursing expertise and self-efficacy following high fidelity simulation-based trainingGarside, Mark James
2011Nurture groups and self esteem :a study exploring the role and effectiveness of nurture groups in addressing children's and older students' self-esteemDodd, Judith Kirtley
2009Nutrient acquisition in a human gut symbiont :molecular analysis of the carbohydrate utilisation apparatus of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicronZheng, Hongjun
1993Nutrient intakes (1990 compared with 1980) and place of purchase of foods (1990) by 11 to 12-year old Northumbrian childrenAdamson, Ashley Jayne
2016Nutrition, labour productivity and food security in ThailandTiwasing, Pattanapong
2016Nutritional evaluation of wheat distillers dried grains with solubles for broiler chickensRano, Nuhu Bello