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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Nitric oxide signalling in the inferior colliculusOlthof-Bakker, Bastiaan Meendert Jan
1974The nitriding of iron-nickel-niobium alloysHandley, Jack Richard
2018Nitrification in wastewater treatment at its biological oxygen limitMoraes, Christiana
2016Nitrogen doped highly ordered mesoporous carbon as catalyst and catalyst support for oxygen reductionAlaje, Taiwo Olubunmi
1980Nitrogen glassesDrew, Robin Anthony Lynton
2012No place like home :the hotel in modernist women's writingShort, Emma
2018Noise modelling, vibro-acoustic analysis, artificial neural networks on offshore platformJi, Xi
2011Non invasive parameter identification of power plant characteristics based on recorded network transient dataHutchison, Graeme
2020Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease : disease burden and development of novel fibrosis diagnostic and prognostic signaturesBoyle, Marie Patricia
2020Non-aqueous protonation, protonolysis and related reactions of polyoxometalatesLebbie, Daniel
2020Non-canonical RNA capping by DNA-dependent RNA polymerases & screen for bacteriophage regulators of mycobacterium smegmatis transcriptionJulius, Christina
2007A non-contact geomatics technique for monitoring membrane roof structuresLin, Shih-Yuan
1989The non-crucifixion iconography of the pre-Viking sculpture in the north of England :carvings at Hovingham, Masham, Rothbury, Sandbach and WirksworthHawkes, Alexandra Jane
2015Non-determinism in the narrative structure of video gamesPicucci, Marcello Arnaldo
2015Non-digestible carbohydrates, the WNT signalling pathway and bowel cancer riskMalcomson, Fiona Caroline
2012Non-equilibrium and finite temperature trapped Bose gases :interactions and decay of macroscopic excitationsAllen, Ashleigh Joy
2013Non-formal learning in museums and galleriesElwick, Alex Robert
2013Non-invasive cardiac imaging for the quantification of ventricular function :potential and future applicationsDuncan, Rae
2014Non-invasive electrophysiological assessment of the corticospinal tract in health and diseaseJaiser, Stephan Rudolf
2011Non-invasive methods to investigate brain function in health and diseaseFisher, Karen