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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Network revenue management game in the rail freight industryLi, Dongjun
2018Network-based autonomous and cooperative learning : self-organised learning environments in a junior high school in ChinaMa, Xueting
2011Neural correlates of dynamic object recognitionMayer, Katja Martina
2016Neural networks-on-chip for hybrid bio-electronic systemsCoapes, Graeme
2015Neural pathways of movement fractionationDean, Lauren Rachael
2013Neurocognition and emotional processing in bipolar offspringSharma, Aditya Narain
2012Neurocognitive outcome of monochorionic twins with different birth weightsSwamy, Ravi Shankar
2020Neurocognitive patterns and progression of mild cognitive impairment with Lewy bodies or Alzheimer’s diseaseHamilton, Calum Alexande
2014Neuronal changes in the hippocampus of post-stroke survivorsGemmell, Elizabeth
2013Neuronal nicotinic receptors as targets for enhancing cognition in schizophreniaRushforth, Samantha Leigh
2011Neuronal potential of umbilical cord blood non-hematopoietic multipotent stem cellsAli, Hamad
2014Neuropathological and molecular studies in Alpers' syndromeBogle, Helen Judith
2011Neurophysiology and neuropharmacology of visual attentionHerrero, Jose Luis
2018The neurophysiology of stereoscopic visionHenrikson, Sindre
2015Neuroplasticity induced by peripheral nerve stimulationHabekost, Bonne
2010Neuropsychological performance, emotion processing and psychosocial function in bipolar disorderRobinson, Lucy Jane
2019Neuropsychological profile of mild cognitive impairment with Lewy body diseaseCiafone, Joanna Marie
2019Neutrophil extracellular trap formation and citrullination in bronchiectasisCole, Christopher
2018New advances in tamper evident technologiesToreini, Ehsan
2003A new approach to securing passwords using a probabilistic neural network based on biometric keystroke dynamicsShorrock, Steven Richard