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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Modelling perinatal stroke and stem cell grafting in a neonatal rat : $$b modelling and treating perinatal stroke in an animal modelBasuodan, Reem Mohammed A
2017Modelling severe paediatric aplastic anaemia using induced pluripotent stem cell technologyMelguizo Sanchis, Dario
2020Modelling sociality in carnivoresWard, Jessica Kate Rowntree
2012Modelling stress-dependent effective porosity-permeability relationships of metre-scale heterogeneous mudstonesDrews, Michael C
2020Modelling the cryogenic properties of germanium for emerging liquid hydrogen power applicationsBradley, Luke
2021Modelling the dynamics of the upper ocean in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and its interactions with the tropical atmosphereArce-Marenco, Lizdenia
2014Modelling the effects of structure degradation in geotechnical problemsPanayides, Stylianos
2016Modelling the environmental impacts of pig farming systems and the potential of nutritional solutions to mitigate themMackenzie, Stephen George
2018Modelling the environmental justice of the spatial distribution of air qualityO'Brien, James Edward Francis.
2015Modelling the phosphorous intake, digestion, utilisation and excretion in growing and finishing pigsSymeou, Vasilis
1999Modelling the spatial distribution of mammalsSouth, Andrew Brian
2012Modelling the transient strain behaviour of concrete exposed to elevated temperaturesRobson, Christopher James
2015Modelling time-varying gravity fields from Level-1B GRACE data using masconsAndrews, Stuart Bruce
2013Modelling traffic accidents using duration analysis techniques: a case study of Abu DhabiAl Kaabi, Abdulla Mohammed Saeed Khalaf.
2001Modelling trailing vortices from a slender ship hull for manoeuvring calculationsPark, Jong Jin
2020Modelling Voxel Dependent Hemodynamic Response FunctionFletcher, Darren
2020Models and simulation of blockchain systemsAlharby, Maher
2004Models of genetic and non-genetic factors in human longevityDrenos, Fotios
2015Models of the Neolithic dispersal in Southern AsiaGangal, Kavita
2000Models of unity and diversity in the symphonies of William Schuman :an exploration of genera theories in relation to stylistic change and the dynamics of formPye, Richard Charles