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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Lifestyle and cardio-metabolic healthCassidy, Sophie
2020Lifestyle as Therapy for Liver DiseaseScragg, Jadine Hannah
2018Light-harvesting antennae using the host-guest chemistry of mesoporous organosilicaJarmin, Benjamin Paul
2018Lightweight energy absorbing structures for crashworthy designO'Neill, Conor Francis
2017Likelihood Free Bayesian Inference for Stochastic Kinetic ModelsOwen, Jamie Robert
2021The Limits of State Sovereignty: An Exploration of Sardinian Minority NationalismMorgan, Daniela
2003Lineages of Turkish power in early modern writing in English /Tibbs, Simon John
2019The linguistic debate in Chile: ideologies and representations of languages and multilingual practices in the national online newsSliashynskaya, Hanna
2004The linguistic proficiency of Korean English teachers :an investigation of self-assessment procedures and self-directed learning tasks using videoHarker, Mihye
2015Linguistic relativity in motion events in Spanish and English : a study on monolingual and bilingual children and adultsAveledo, Fraibet Elena
2011Linguistic variation and change in a North-East border town : a sociolinguistic study of DarlingtonAtkinson, John
2017The link between copper homeostasis and Alzheimer's disease as a route to therapyTsefou, Eliona
2018Linking above and below-ground interactions in agro-ecosystems : an ecological network approachOrrell, Peter
2019The links and chains of culture : how to reach a position on cultureLiljedahl, Thomas Björn Olof.
2018The links between policy, sustainable food security and well-being in Gelgele and Yetnora villages in EthiopiaKahsu, Misgun
2021A Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) inhalation model to characterise divergent innate cellular responses and presence of alveolar leak, early in the course of acute lung inflammationWiscombe, Sarah
2015Lipsynching : popular song recordings and the disembodied voiceSnell, Merrie
1998Listening strategies and processes of Chinese learners of English : a case study of intermediate learners in TaiwanChien, Ching-ning Kerri
2019Listening Through Making: Artistic approaches to sound, technology and field recording.Shaw, Tim
2001Listening to audio-recorded speech in a foreign language : an investigation of playback behaviours as overt strategiesFernandez-Toro, María