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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mono and bi-alkyne functionalised polyethylene glycols : polymeric substrates in palladium catalysed oscillatory carbonylation reactionsNwosu, Chinyelumndu Jennifer
2017Mono-ubiquitination mediated regulation of KMT5A and its role in prostate cancerAzizyan, Mahsa
2016The mononuclear phagocyte system in Graft-versus-host-diseaseJardine, Laura Elizabeth
2016Monstrosity in post-1990 French women's writing : a case study of four authorsGil, Cecilia Alexandra
1996Moorland fire history from microscopic charcoal in soils and lake sedimentsRhodes, Andrew Neil
2013Morph ; Constructing identity : how the experience of cyberspace contributes to the emerging story of self in young peopleClough, Jill Lesley
2018Morpho-syntactic competence of L2 speakers : the case of Malay L2 speakers of EnglishSarbini, Monaliz
2015Morphogen and epigenetic regulation of wound healingCorbett, Laura
1971A morphological and anatomical investigation of some of the thelypterid fernsWood, Christopher C.
2014The morphology of German-speaking children with specific language impairmentHasselaar, Dorothea Juliane
2012The morphology of loanwords in Urdu :the Persian, Arabic and English strandsIslam, Riaz Ahmed
2018Morphology-based landslide monitoring with an unmanned aerial vehiclePeppa, Maria Valasia
2019Mortality change in Hermoupolis, Greece (1859-1940)Raftakis, Michail
2019Motion analysis of FPSO in multidirectional seas : the West African offshore regionOrji, Charles Ugochukwu
2019Motor system plasticity induced by non-invasive stimuliFoysal, Kh M Riashad
2018Mourning jewellery in England, c.1500-1800Middlemass, Cara Sian
1996Movement of solutes in structured soils during intermittent leaching : a theoretical and laboratory studyAl-Sibai, Mahmoud
2019Movement patterns of the European lobster Homarus gammarus : investigating the effects of habitat use and behaviour patterns on catchabilityLees, Kirsty Jane
2015Moving towards whole settlement energy self-sufficiency in rural communitiesPringle, Rhona
2019MreB dependent cell envelope homeostasis in Bacillus subtilisSeistrup, Kenneth Holst