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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Multidisciplinary appraisal of the effectiveness of customary marine tenure for coral reef finfish fisheries management in Nggela (Solomon Islands)Sulu, Reuben John
2015A multidisciplinary investigation into socioeconomic variation in behaviourPepper, Gillian
2017Multifactorial analysis of mesenchymal stem cell properties for storage and transportationD'Agostino, Fabio Salvatore
2017A multimodal conversation analytic study of word-searches in L2 interactionBinti Abdullah, Nur Nabilah
2018Multimodal language learning environment of the Korean digital kitchen : a study on the impact of physicality and technological affordances on Korean vocabulary learningPark, Jaeuk
2014Multimorbidity in the ageing human brain :associations between Alzheimer's disease pathology and white matter hyperintensitiesMcAleese, Kirsty Elizabeth
1999Multiparty interactions in dependable distributed systemsZorzo, Avelino Francisco
2014Multiphase modelling of desiccation cracking in compacted soilStirling, Ross Alexander
2019Multiple and conjoined wh-questions in Najdi ArabicAlshammari, Naif Shalan S.
2018Multiple causality of differences in taboo translation of blockbuster films by Chinese fansubbers and professionalsHe, Zhengguo
2015Multiple parameters based pulsed eddy current non-destructive testing and evaluationAdewale, Ibukun Dapo
2013The multiple subject construction in Arabic : evidence from subject doubling in Tunisian ArabicJlassi, Mohamed
2012Multiscale impacts of land use/management changes on flood response in the River Hodder catchment, North-West EnglanGeris, Josie Regina Catharina.
1998Multivariate statistical process control of chemical processesPapazoglou, Michael
2012Multivariate statistical process monitoring using classical multidimensional scalingMohd Yunus, Mohd Yusri
2011The musculoskeletal learning needs of doctors in training for general practiceWise, Elspeth Mary
2019Musharakah and its compatibility with the Malaysian legal and regulatory framework :an examination on the implementation of risk sharingBin Tuan Soh, Tuan Badrul Hisyam
2012Music, theatre and the nation :the entertainment market in Lisbon (1865-1908)Silva, Joao Luis Meireles Santos Leitao.
2014Musical timing in the Adagio from Brahms' Violin concerto, op. 77 :an empirical study of rubato in recorded performances dating from 1927-1973Cross, Edward William
2012MYCN and the p53-MDM2/MDMX-p14ARF network in neuroblastoma amd response to MDM2-p53 antagonistsGamble, Laura Dawn