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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Insights into the development of peri-biliary fibrosis following hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion injury and the ameliorating effect of PXR activationAmer, Aimen Omran Saleh
2015Insights into the enzymatic degradation of mannan (in situ) and pectin utilization by Bacteroides thetaiotaomicronZhang, Xiaoyang
2018An institutional and spatial consideration of markets for financialised infrastructureThrower, Graham Simon
2019Institutionalisation of ethics, ethical climate, and project performance outcomes : the case of business- to- business contractual relationshipsNnaji, Charles
2012Instrumental phonetic study of the rhythm of MalayWan, Aslynn
2018An integrated approach to planning charging infrastructure for battery electric vehiclesNeaimeh, Myriam
2019An integrated assessment framework for quantifying and forecasting water-related multi-hazard riskMing, Xiaodong
2021Integrated assessment of soil erosian processes and policy in Oguta Lake watershed IMO state South East NigeriaAgbo, Kenneth Chukwuemeka
2001Integrated coastal management in the tropics :identifying the impediments and evaluating management toolsWestmacott, Rachel Susan
2021Integrated design approach for responsive solar-shadings in double skin facades in hot arid climateElGhazi, Yomna Saad Abdelraouf
2017Integrated evaluation of air flow and gas dispersion for underground station safety strategies based on subway climatologyQian, Zi
2012Integrated free radical sensor systems for investigation of cellular models of diseaseBoulton, SarahJayne
2017An integrated model for asset reliability, risk and production efficiency management in subsea oil and gas operationsOkaro, Ikenna Anthony
2023Integrated responses to altered carbohydrate availability during seed development in Arabidopsis thalianaNagarajah, Ashwinie
2022Integrated topological representation of multi-scale utility resource networksGilbert, Thomas Tavernor
2019Integrating art into bodily interactions : exploring digital art in HCI design to foster somaesthetic experiencesChen, Sixian
2012Integrating climate change considerations in planning for urban development in Sierra Leone :the case of FreetownMacarthy, Joseph Mustapha
2008Integrating distributed post-genomic data to infer the molecular basis of bacterial phenotypesCraddock, Tracy
2012Integrating geo-information tools in informal settlement upgrading processes in Nairobi, KenyaMbathi, Musyimi
2023Integrating GeoGebra into a primary mathematics teaching intervention : impact on students’ learning processes and outcomesKhormi, Sameer Ali H