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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Integrating art into bodily interactions : exploring digital art in HCI design to foster somaesthetic experiencesChen, Sixian
2012Integrating climate change considerations in planning for urban development in Sierra Leone :the case of FreetownMacarthy, Joseph Mustapha
2008Integrating distributed post-genomic data to infer the molecular basis of bacterial phenotypesCraddock, Tracy
2012Integrating geo-information tools in informal settlement upgrading processes in Nairobi, KenyaMbathi, Musyimi
2023Integrating GeoGebra into a primary mathematics teaching intervention : impact on students’ learning processes and outcomesKhormi, Sameer Ali H
2021Integrating life cycle assessment with genetic selection to reduce the environmental impacts of pig productionOttosen, Mathias
2020Integrating mineral wastes in the anaerobic digestion of OFMSW for improved recovery of renewable energyShamurad, Burhan
1994Integrating strategic environmental assessment into Malaysian land use planning / Halimaton Saadiah Hashim.Hashim, Halimaton Saadiah
2013Integration and optimisation of bio-fuel micro-tri-generation with energy storage; Chen, Xiangping
2011Integration of Biometrics and PIN Pad on Smart CardYang, Chunlei
2018Integration of hybrid energy storage and organic Rankine cycle into the trigeneration systemJi, Jie
2019The integration of input filters in electrical drivesMohamed, Mohamed Awad S
2014Integration of LiDAR and photogrammetric data for enhanced aerial triangulation and camera calibrationGneeniss, Abdulhamed Salhen
2005Integration of the sedimentological and petrophysical properties of mudstone samplesMoore, Julian Kenneth Spencer
2023The Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United Kingdom: From A Regulatory PerspectiveWang, Yangzihan
2015Integration of wound-induced calcium signals to transcriptional activation and regulation of cutaneous wound healing responsesHudson, Laura Ellen May
2019An integrative modelling framework for multicellular systemsNaylor, Jonathan Robert Denby
2012Intellectual property rights for nanotechnologyNorain, Ismail
2009An intelligent engine condition monitoring systemMahmoud, Osama Esmail
2022Intelligent Process Fault Diagnosis Using Feature Extraction and Neural Network TechniquesWang, Shengkai