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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The linguistic debate in Chile: ideologies and representations of languages and multilingual practices in the national online newsSliashynskaya, Hanna
2004The linguistic proficiency of Korean English teachers :an investigation of self-assessment procedures and self-directed learning tasks using videoHarker, Mihye
2015Linguistic relativity in motion events in Spanish and English : a study on monolingual and bilingual children and adultsAveledo, Fraibet Elena
2011Linguistic variation and change in a North-East border town : a sociolinguistic study of DarlingtonAtkinson, John
2017The link between copper homeostasis and Alzheimer's disease as a route to therapyTsefou, Eliona
2018Linking above and below-ground interactions in agro-ecosystems : an ecological network approachOrrell, Peter
2019The links and chains of culture : how to reach a position on cultureLiljedahl, Thomas Björn Olof.
2018The links between policy, sustainable food security and well-being in Gelgele and Yetnora villages in EthiopiaKahsu, Misgun
2015Lipsynching : popular song recordings and the disembodied voiceSnell, Merrie
1998Listening strategies and processes of Chinese learners of English : a case study of intermediate learners in TaiwanChien, Ching-ning Kerri
2019Listening Through Making: Artistic approaches to sound, technology and field recording.Shaw, Tim
2001Listening to audio-recorded speech in a foreign language : an investigation of playback behaviours as overt strategiesFernandez-Toro, María
2000Listening to history : aurality in the novels of Virginia WoolfMontgomery, Nicholas
1992A literary commentary on the fifth book of Ovid’s FastiBrookes, Ian Nigel
2011Lithium, magnetic resonance and the human brainCousins, David Andrew
2020Live-Cell Imaging of Human Oocytes and Regulation of Cohesin Removal in Meiosis IILamb, Mahdi
2019The liver microenvironment : a driver of hepatocellular carcinomaZaki, Marco Youssef William
2013A living theory of educational accountability : how can I create opportunities for student teachers and myself to learn?Renowden, Jane
1987Load sharing in distributed computer systemsAfzal, Tahir Mahmood
2018Local authority museums after the cuts :a study of other-than-public forms of managementRex, Bethany