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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Humility in the Old TestamentDawes, Stephen Barry
2019Humour and Representation in British Literature of the First World War (1914–18)Anderson, Emily
2020Hybrid dye-sensitised photocathodes for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolutionPõldme, Nils
1989Hybrid force and position control in robotic surface processingSteven, Andrew
2005Hydraulic and thermal conductivities of soilsAgab, Ali Faisal
2005The hydrocarbon source potential of the palaeozoic rocks of the Ghadames Basin, NW LibyaHrouda, Mohamed
2011Hydrodynamic loading and responses of submersiblesHassan Mohamed, Amany Mohamed Ahmed
1975The hydrodynamics and heat transfer characteristics of liquid films on a rotating discBell, Colin
1980Hydrodynamics and mass transfer processes associated with the absorption of oxygen in liquid films flowing across a rotating discLim, S.T.
1995The hydrodynamics of thin liquid films flowing over a rotating discWoods, William Paul
2019Hydrodynamics study of liquid-solid micro-circulating fluidised bedDo Nascimento, Orlando Lopes
1970The hydrogen ion response of the glass electrode in alkaline solutionsBuck, P.J.
2015Hydrogen production via chemical looping with La0.7Sr0.3FeO3-d [delta] and iron oxides :a kinetic and thermodynamic studyThompson, Claire Ruth
2014Hydrogen production via simultaneous methane reforming and water splitting processes using membrane reactorAbdullah, Sureena Binti
2014Hydrogen storage and fuel processing strategiesCampbell, Callum Richard
1995The hydrogen-ion response of the glass electrode in aqueous and partially-aqueous solutionsBottom, Alan Edward
2019Hydrogeochemical controls on rare earth element behaviour in an acidic metal mine-impacted streamHuang, Xiaotong
2000Hydrological pathways and acid episodes in the Coalburn catchmentMounsey, Stewart Colin
2014A hydromechanically-based risk framework for CO b2 s storage coupled to underground coal gasificationGonzalez Martinez de Miguel, Gerardo Jose
2004Hyenas in scarlet petticoats : re-dressing the heroine in the novels of the Brontës, George Eliot and Virginia WoolfFairless-Aitken, Suzanne Holly