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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Housing policy and supply in Khartoum : the role of the public sector in the supply processHafazalla, Abdulhafeez Awad
2017Housing, homeownership and labour market change in Greater Jakarta, IndonesiaTarigan, Surya Gunanta
2010How are core cultural values manifested in communication styles of Libyan postgraduate students in the UK?Belshek, Jalal Ali
2013How are parents engaged in children's reading and what are the implications for educational psychologists?Todd, Lucy
2019How can character education programmes support young people to develop their character to promote wellbeing?Briggs, Claire Louise
2020How can Educational Psychologists Support Looked After Children and Care Leavers in their Journey to University?Francis, Hannah
2012How can educational psychology contribute to enhancing young people's perspective of themselves as agentic in their communitySharp, Russell
2012How can I improve my practice as a university lecturer in the development and delivery of a distance learning module in a post graduate diploma in clinical education?Delgaty, Laura
2011How can Thailand legally deal with the problem of bio-prospecting?Phimolsathien, Thepparat
2017How can the role of the educational psychologist, as a multi-agency partner within the area of children with speech, language and communication needs, be understood?Price, Angela
2019How can Video Interaction Guidance be implemented with children and young people to promote wellbeing?Convery, Sarah
2019How do ab-initio second language learners start to detect words? : an exploratory study on RussianPavlovskaya, Natalia Vladimirovna
2018How do preferences for public health interventions differ? a case study using a weight loss maintenance interventionMott, David John
2018How do young people with special educational needs experience transition from special school to further education?Lawson, Katie
2019How does the spatial and social dynamics of the Natterer's bat Myotis nattereri affect disease transmission and conservation?Mordue, Simone Michelle
2019How effective are international Development Partners in developing and implementing host-led Destination Management Planning Processes, with special reference to the Inlay Lake Region, Myanmar?Haynes, Michael John
2013How effectively can World Heritage in Young Hands support delivery of the revised National Curriculum for secondary schools in England? /AnthonyMcDonald, Anthony
2008How fishers count: engaging with fishers' knowledge in fisheries science and managementDaw, Timothy
2015How in-service language teachers become effective users of CALL for online teaching and learning : a case study of their development processes in a transformative online teacher training and development courseMorales, Sandra Maritza
2013How inter-organisational relationships (IORS) develop over timeRoss, Brian Peter