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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Investigation of the mechanisms mediating genetic associations with atrial fibrillationMartin, Ruairidh Iain Russell.
2011Investigation of the mechanisms mediating genetic susceptibility to cardiovascular disease on chromosomes 9p21 and 2q24Cunnington, Michael Sheridan
2011An investigation of the ozone activity and selectivity of Ni/Sb-SnO b2 s anodes in aqueous acid electrolyteImkum, Ajchara
2009An investigation of the perceptions of parents, teachers and principals concerning parental involvement in kindergartens and primary schools in KuwaitAlmazeedi, Hanan
2008An investigation of the place of quality management in the leadership role of head teachers in female intermediate schools in the State of KuwaitAl-Qattan, Aroub A.
2012An investigation of the potential for silver nanoparticles to cause toxicity to human cells in vitroSriwichai, Passapan
1997An investigation of the records kept by supervisors on construction sitesAssadi, Sami Omar Ali
2008Investigation of the reliability of satellite imagery for generating shallow water depth information for navigational purposes, Red Sea, Saudi ArabiaAlzahrani, Ahmed Saleh Mobarak
2014An investigation of the response of an FPSOV structures to external air blast :a case study of FPSOV operating in the Niger DeltaShittu, Kazeem Dolapo
1976An investigation of the rock mechanics aspects of a system of short face in-seam development for subsequent longwall retreat extractionSheorey, Prakash R
2013Investigation of the role of intrauterine interleukin 6 and interleukin 8 in normal early pregnancy and sporadic miscarriagePitman, Hedele
2013An investigation of the role of Notch signalling in germ cell development using mouse embryonic stem cellsFloros, Vasileios
2010Investigation of the role of novel SGK1 isoforms in regulation of sodium transport in kidney epithelial cellsDaniels, Nigel Allan
2012Investigation of the role of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase inhibition in topoisomerase I poison-induced cytotoxicityZnojek, Pawel Jacek
2018Investigation of the thermo-hygro-chemico-mechanical performance of the Bentonite barrier at the high-level radioactive waste canister interfaceDavies, Christopher William
1986An investigation of the types and structure of misunderstandingsHumphreys-Jones, Claire
2015Investigation of uterine blood vessel development in heavy menstrual bleedingBiswas Shivhare, Sourima
2014An investigation to improve community resilience using network graph analysis of infrastructure systemsDunn, Sarah
1975Investigations into chromosomes 1, 2 and 3 of Coelopa frigida (Fab.)Aziz, Jabrail Barssom
2014Investigations into colour constancy by bridging human and computer colour visionCrichton, Stuart Owen John