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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018How do preferences for public health interventions differ? a case study using a weight loss maintenance interventionMott, David John
2018How do young people with special educational needs experience transition from special school to further education?Lawson, Katie
2019How does the spatial and social dynamics of the Natterer's bat Myotis nattereri affect disease transmission and conservation?Mordue, Simone Michelle
2019How effective are international Development Partners in developing and implementing host-led Destination Management Planning Processes, with special reference to the Inlay Lake Region, Myanmar?Haynes, Michael John
2013How effectively can World Heritage in Young Hands support delivery of the revised National Curriculum for secondary schools in England? /AnthonyMcDonald, Anthony
2008How fishers count: engaging with fishers' knowledge in fisheries science and managementDaw, Timothy
2015How in-service language teachers become effective users of CALL for online teaching and learning : a case study of their development processes in a transformative online teacher training and development courseMorales, Sandra Maritza
2013How inter-organisational relationships (IORS) develop over timeRoss, Brian Peter
2007How learning improves workforce skills and qualifications :lessons fromTyne and WearShaaban, Abdel Elrahem Safaa
2019How might a school community promote a sense of belonging in gender nonconforming young people? : a narrative exploration with two young peopleHolt, Ashleigh Frances
2019How outraged customers react : from the antecedents to the consequences of customer rage emotions in service failure and intervention strategiesZhang, Wenjiao
2017How suspense in detective fiction is affected when translated : a case study based on textual analysis of three Chinese translations of The Hound of the BaskervillesLin, Jessica Yi-Hsin
2015How the actions and experiences of teachers engaging in student voice can enrich our thinking about what it is and the factors that influence itMulholland, Peter
2018How to do Grindr :sensory, visceral and haptic geographies of men who use Grindr in Newcastle-upon-TyneBonner-Thompson, Carl Anthony
2020How to improve the sustainability of logistics on the Coherent Campus at Newcastle University?Zunder, Thomas Hagen
2012Human activity recognition for pervasive interactionPham, Cuong Van
2014Human cadaver endovascular training :the establishment and validation of a fresh frozen pulsatile human cadaver endovascular training modelNesbitt, Craig
2017Human ribosome biogenesis and the regulation of the tumour suppressor p53Pelava, Andria
2005Human rights and the trial of the accused : a legal comparative study between the judicial system in Saudi Arabia and the standards required by the European Convention on Human RightsAl-Eshaikh, Hesham A. A.
2010Human TBX22 expression and protein-DNA interactionsLisgo, Steven Newton