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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Expression of protein kinase A holoenzymes in human myometrium during pregnancy and labourMacDougall, Malcolm
2023Expression, Diagnosis and Deep Phenotyping of Ciliopathy GenesPowell, Laura
2017Exsolved base metal catalyst systems with anchored nanoparticles for carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxides (NO&#x2093;) oxidationBinti Wan Ramli, Wan Khairunnisa
2023Exsolved Perovskite Systems Applied for the Production of Syngas via Chemical Looping Methane ReformingBekris, Leonidas
1996An extended interval temporal logic and a framing technique for temporal logic programmingDuan, Zhenhua
2020Extending the reach of crushed-rock fertilizers to Africa: Alternative potassium fertiliser using nepheline syenites from MalawiChiwona, Annock Gabriel
1981The extension and application of Swet's theory of information retrievalHeine, Michael Hubert
2022Extracellular DNA as a component of dental plaqueAbduljalil, Nasrin
2014Extracellular DNA in head and neck biofilmsShields, Robert Colquhoun.
2022a Extracellular processes in wastewater treatmentBashiri, Reihaneh
2014Extracting reliable mechanical properties using the nanoindentation techniqueMoharrami, Noushin
2016Extraction, use and disposal of construction materials in Great Britain and ThailandTangtinthai, Napaporn
2003Extracts of salvia species :relation to potential cognitive therapySavelev, Sergey U.
2011Extreme value analysis of non-stationary processes : a study of extreme rainfall under changing climateCollier, Andrew Jason
2018Extrinsic and intrinsic dynamics in visuomotor trackingSusilaradeya, Damar
2017¹⁹F-MRI of inhaled perfluoropropane for quantitative imaging of pulmonary ventilationNeal, Mary Agnes
2013Fabrication & characterisation of enzyme electrodes for biosensor and biofuel cell applicationsMerotra, James
2013Fabrication and characterisation of DNA-templated copper nanowiresPate, Jonathan
2007Fabrication and characterization of nanowire arrays on InP(100) surfacesZhao, Guiping
2014Fabrication and nano-scale characterisation of ferroelectric thin filmsKarunakaran Ponon, Nikhil