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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Experimental and modelling studies of process intensification for the solvent-antisolvent precipitation of nanoparticles in a spinning disc reactorSana, Sahr
2018Experimental and numerical hydrodynamic analysis of a novel tidal turbine : the Hydro-SpinnaRosli, Roslyanna
2023Experimental and numerical modelling of vortex-induced and wake-induced vibrations of clusters of subsea cylindrical structuresSoares, Bruno Henriques
2016Experimental and numerical study on hydrodynamics of coupled FPSO and mooring/riser systems in deepwater GOMTorres Lopez, Jaime Jose
1993Experimental and theoretical studies of ultrasound computed tomographyJago, James Robertson
2023An experimental and time-domain numerical analysis of gap resonance effect of an flng system for side-by-side offloading operationNwafor, Jideofor Collins
2012An experimental fibre-reinforced dental resin compositeHasanain, Fatin
2012Experimental investigation and CFD simulation of multiphase flow in a three phase pipe separatorAfolabi, Eyitayo Amos
2018Experimental investigation of inertial particle transport in a turbulent boundary layerHaji Abdul Wahab, Suhaimi
2014Experimental investigation of thermal conductivity of soils and borehole grouting materialsAlrtimi, Abdulbaset Ahmed
1990Experimental investigations on the mechanical properties of rocks containing a single discontinuityFahimifar, Ahmad
1996An experimental study of piled embankments incorporating geosynthetic basal reinforcementDemerdash, Magdy Adel
2023An Experimental Study on Exhaust Emissions Abatement in Marine Diesel Engines with a Wet Scrubber SystemChin, Terence Yuen Yeen
2014Explained variation for survival and recurrent event dataAlotaibi, Refah Mohammed N
2021Explaining recent heterogeneous glacier change in the Annapurna Conservation Area, central HimalayasLovell, Arminel Mary
1990The exploitation of parallelism on shared memory multiprocessorsStoker, Michael Allan
2016The exploitation of provenance and versioning in the reproduction of e-experimentsAbang Ibrahim, Dayang Hanani
2018Exploiting DNA surfaces for sensing and nanomaterial applicationsLunn, Samantha Marie Louise
2008Exploiting dynamic deployment in a distributed query processor for the gridMukherjee, Arijit
2006Exploiting method semantics in client cache consistency protocols for object-oriented databasesDwiartanto, Johannes