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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017 The uterus as a narrative space in contemporary cinema from the Americas Carruthers, Anne
2017 Utilisation of heat and organic wastes for energy recovery in the industry Siqueiros Valencia, Eric Javier
2006 The utility and accuracy of post-conviction polygraph testing with sex offenders Madsen, Lars Bang
2015 Value co-creation in practice : an activity theory approach to service-based and networked business relations Ferreira, Paulo Sergio Altman.
2014 The value of home urodiagnostics in the assessment of men with lower urinary tract symptoms Bray, Alison Lisa
2007 Value-relevance of accounting information and shareholding structure in emerging capital markets : evidence from Chinese listed companies Che, Bo
2012 Valuing motorcycle casualties in developing countries using willingness-to pay method :stated-preference discrete choice modelling approach Widyastuti, Hera
2011 Valuing the attributes of Malaysian recreational parks :a choice experiment approach Hasan Basri, Bakti
2014 Vangl2 as a key regulator of cell behaviour within the developing cardiac outflow tract :elaborating specific roles in second heart field and neural crest cells Sharma, Vipul
1989 Variability in interrogation and negation in spoken French Coveney, Aidan Benedict
2009 Variational Bayesian inference for comparison Var(1) models Houghton, Adrian James
2017 Variation and change in English negation : a cross-dialectal perspective Childs, Claire Claire
1998 Variation and change in the vowel system of Tyneside English Watts, Dominic James Landon
2014 Varieties of embodied knowing : an ethnographic study of mixed martial arts Vaittinen, Anu Maarit
1976 Verbal comprehension after brain damage :a psycholinguistic investigation with special reference to cerebro-vascular accident Lesser, Ruth
2012 Verifiable resilience in architectural reconfiguration Payne, Richard John
1997 Verification and synthesis of asynchronous control circuits using petri net unfoldings Semenov., Alexei
2005 Vernacular song from a North Yorkshire hill farm : culture, contexts and comparisons Hillery, David
2001 Version control in engineering design databases Florida-James, Barry
2011 Veterinary expertise Armstrong, Justin Lashwood
2011 A view from elsewhere :the spatiality of children's fantasy fiction Pavlik, Anthony
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