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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Type 1 interferons in early rheumatoid arthritis Cooles, Faye Anisa Hogarth
2014 Type 2 diabetes prevention in high-risk individuals :how might effective, equitable and sustainable service provison be achieved? Penn, Linda Dorothy
2017 Type-2 fuzzy logic system applications for power systems Castro León, Iván
2014 u.Investigating discourse markers in Chinese college EFL teacher talk :a multi-layered analytical approach Yang, Shanru
2003 UK corporate data and future cash flows Al-Attar, Ali Mohammad
2011 Ultimate elastic wall stress envelopes for (GRE) pipes Assaleh, Tarak Ahmed
2014 Uncertainty and uncertainty tolerance in service provisioning Abdullah, Johari
2010 Uncertainty in service provisioning relationships Smith, Christopher John
2017 Underdetermined convolutive source separation using two dimensional non-negative factorization techniques Al Tmeme, Ahmed Sattar Hadi
1977 Underground potash mine design based on rock mechanics principles and measurements Hebblewhite, Bruce K
2014 Understanding and creating CPD for and with teachers :the development and implementation of a model for CPD Watters, Grainne
2012 Understanding choice behaviour to advance sustainable development in housing production Nyong, Eno Dorothy
2016 Understanding culture shock ;the adjustment of expatriate sojourners on international assignment Fitzpatrick, John Francis
2015 Understanding failures of artificial joints through engineering analysis Bone, Martin
2017 Understanding nutrient transport across the outer membrane by members of the human gut microbiota Glenwright, Amy Jane
2015 Understanding organisation-CRM system misfits and their evolution : $$b a path to improving post-adoption CRM system usage Albietz, Bruno
2015 Understanding the complexity of factors which influence livelihoods of the urban poor in Lagos' informal settlements Olajide, Oluwafemi Ayodeji
2014 Understanding the forces that affect the market orientation of three diverse teams : a mixed-methods, longitudinal study Dion, John Frederick
2018 Understanding the inhibitory effects of plant-derived isothiocyanates and biofumigation on potato cyst nematodes Wood, Claire
2012 Understanding the mechanisms regulating liver fibrosis (including the use of imaging techniques in its study and diagnosis) Hill, Stephen John
2011 Understanding the molecular basis for MMP-13 repression by IL-4 Duncan, Rachel
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