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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980 The oxidation resistance of nitrided iron alloys Coates, David John
2013 Oxygen flux through unmodified and modified La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-8 hollow fibre membranes and application to methane oxidation Rodulfo-Baechler, Serbia
2012 Ozone and nitrogen controls on carbon allocation within plants and soil Wyness, Kirsten Victoria Robyn
2016 p62 : linking protein homeostasis and the DNA damage response during ageing Hewitt, Graeme
1978 Pair bonding in the zebra finch Silcox, Andrew Paul
1998 Palaeoenvironmental investigations of Holocene landscapes in the North Tyne basin, northern England Moores, Andrew John
1987 Palaeolatitudinal controls of Phanerozoic sediment-hosted mineral deposits Grainger, Susan Elizabeth
1994 Palaeolimnology and holocene environmental change from endoreic lakes in the Ebro Basin, North-East Spain Davis, Basil Andrew Stansfield
1972 Palaeomagnetic studies on rock formations in the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas regions of Morocco Hailwood, E. A.
2011 Palladium based catalysts for oxygen reduction in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells Fernandez Alvarez, Georgina
1995 Palynofacies analysis of middle Jurassic sediments from the Inner Hebrides Vincent, Alastair James
2015 Paper based rapid prototyping of a dilemmatic pedagogy for the interpretation of narrative texts in classrooms Towler, Carl Stefan
2012 PAPR and ICI reduction techniques for OFDM based satellite communication systems Al-Dalakta, Emad Yacoub Qeryaqos
1995 Parallel algorithms for numerical linear algebra on a shared memory multiprocessor Kaya, Dogan
1995 Parallel implementation of the finite element method on shared memory multiprocessors Pakzad, Mustapha
2000 Parallel simulations using recurrence relations and relaxation McGough, Andrew Stephen
2012 Parents as agents of change : understanding and developing home-school partnerships in response to parent Lascelles, Anna
2015 Partially commutative and differential graded algebraic structures Al-Juburie, Abdulsatar Jmah Theib
2011 Participation as a complex phenomenon in the EFL classroom Warayet, Abdalla Mustafa
2012 Participation in a professional development group :perspectives of staff at a specialist further education college Mo, Margaret Chiu Wan
2007 Participatory land planning in the region of Madrid (Spain) :an integrative perspective Hernandez Jimenez, Veronica
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