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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Myeloperoxidase enhances DNA damage induced by drugs targeting DNA topoisomerase II Atwal, Mandeep
2001 Mystical experience and the Fifth Monarchy women : Anna Trapnel, Sarah Wight, Elizabeth Avery, and Mary Cary McNeil, Lorraine
2015 Myth and Reality in the Fascist War Petrella, Luigi
1987 Naming issues in the design of transparently distributed operating systems Stroud, Robert James
2015 Nanoantennas for solar energy harvesting Sabaawi, Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed
2014 Nanoparticles for plasma immunoglobulin immunosensor for Alzheimer's disease Ketebu, Orlando
2014 Nanopore characterisation and gas sorption potential of European gas shales Rexer, Thomas
2013 Nanoscale characterisation of dielectrics for advanced materials and electronic devices Kapoor, Raman
2012 Nanoscale strain characterisation of modern microelectronic devices Sanderson, Lisa
2014 Nano-Tio₂ precipitation in SDRs :experimental and modelling studies Mohammadi, Somaieh
2007 Narrative as an emotion-focused coping strategy in career Blenkinsopp, John Michael
2013 Narrative as complicity : atrocity, culpability, and failures of witnessing in W. G. Sebald and Kazuo Ishiguro Stacy, Ivan
2014 Narratives of belonging and exclusion :the negotiation of heritage and place in young people's conceptualisations of national identity in Scotland Lloyd, Katherine Jane
2016 Narratives of Obeah in twentieth-century Anglophone West Indian literature Rodriques, Janelle Alicia
2017 National identity in crisis :post-1990 Holocaust cinema in Israel, Germany and Hollywood Jenkins, Gary
2006 The National Literacy Strategy and setting : a policy for inclusion Wall, Katherine
1975 Natural and artificial diagenesis of coal macerals Allan, James
2012 A natural history study in Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2I : magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy and physical outcome measures Willis, Tracey Anne
2015 Natural ventilation : an evaluation of strategies for improving indoor air quality in hospitals located in semi-arid climates Mohammed, Mohammed Alhaji
2014 Nature and place in the poems of William Wordsworth and Walter Scott Arabi Durkawi, Ayah
2017 The nature of communication and its influence on resistance to change :three radical change cases Simões, Paula Matos Marques
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