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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Low resistance metal semiconductor contacts : low power nano-electronics and sensing Ganti, Srinivas
1977 LR(k) sparse-parsers and their optimisation Rushby, John Martin
2007 L-thyroxine therapy in subclinical hypothyroidism - effect on cardiovascular risk factors, endothelial function and patient-reported outcomes / Razvi, Salman Syed
2017 M3 strategic decision-making under uncertainty : modes, models, & momentum Roelofse, Emmalinde
2017 The machinery of eviction : bailiffs, power, resistance and eviction enforcement practices in England and Wales Baker, Alexander George.
1969 The machining of rock materials. Allington, Andrew V.
2016 A macroecological study of Caribbean parrotfishes Nugraha, Wahyu Andy
1998 Macroeconomic adjustments and oil revenue fluctuations :the case of Iran 1960-1990 Arman, Sayyed Aziz
2013 Macroeconomic variables, oil prices and seasonality :three key issues empirically investigated for Islamic stock market indices Abalala, Turki Shjaan
2016 Macro-prudential financial regulation of banks after the crisis of 2008 Metzing, Peter Christian
1997 Madness in the text : a study of Simone de Beauvoir’s writing practice Holland, Alison Teresa
2015 Magic Land design and the use of interactive tabletops in non-directive play therapy with primary school children :to play or not to play? Pykhtina, Olga
1976 Magnesium sialons Perera, Dayantha Shreshta
2016 A magnet assisted segmental rotor switched reluctance machine suitable for fault tolerant aerospace applications Ullah, Sana
2018 Magnetic domain microstructure analysis of sintered rare earth magnet materials with high coercivity Yazid, Muhsien Mohamed Nasr
2008 Magnetic fields, cosmic rays and synchrotron emission in spiral galaxies Snodin, Andrew
2013 Magnetoconvection in sunspot umbrae :steady and oscillatory localised states Buckley, Matthew
1984 Magnetometric techniques for the measurement of initial susceptibility and for non-contact sensing of displacement Cooke, M.P.
2014 Maimed rites, wand'ring ghosts, and a slave to memory :Elizabethan dramatic responses to the Reformation Crow, Caroline Lynda Marie
2012 Maintaining consistency in client-server database systems with client-side caching Bukhari, Fahren
2011 The maintenance of mutual understanding in online second language talk Brandt, Adam
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