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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Knowledge extraction from biomedical data using machine learning Lazzarini, Nicola
2005 Kompang :an organological and ethnomusicological study of a Malay frame drum Abdullah, Mohd Hassan
2016 K.S. Sorabji on neglected works : counter-canon as cultural critique McMenamin, Sean
2016 L2 English fricative production by Thai learners Kitikanan, Patchanok
1970 Laboratory and underground investigations into the stability of mine workings in gypsum Jones, B.
1986 Laboratory water jet assisted drag tool rock cutting studies at high traverse speeds Ip, Chun Keung
2017 The laminar profile of spatial attention in macaque V1 and V4 Boyd, Michael
2001 Land and society : the Bronze Age cairnfields and field systems of Britain Johnston, Robert Alexander
2014 Landscape change :the case of two Pennine parishes Newton, Sheila Coralie Severn
2011 Landscape infrastructure and liveable communities :a case study of New-Cairo, Egypt Ahmed, Tamer Mohamed Abd El-Fattah
2007 Landscapes of blindness and visual impairment : sight, touch and laughter in the English countryside MacPherson, Hannah Mary
2009 Landscape use by gulls (Larus spp.) Cook, Aonghais
2015 Language and cognition : effects of grammatical gender on the categorisation of objects Almutrafi, Fatimah
1998 A language and toolkit for the specification, execution and monitoring of dependable distributed applications Ranno, Frederic
2012 Language anxiety in Chinese learners of English in the U.K. :conceptualisation of language anxiety in second language learning and its relationship with other leaner variables Wan, Hong
2012 Language attitudes in old and new Gaeltacht communities Antonini, Rachele
1998 Language at Work in Jonathan Swift Bishop, Julie Alexandra
1992 Language choice and language shift in a Chinese community in Britain Li, Wei
2014 Language evolution as a constraint on conceptions of a minimalist language faculty Feeney, Andrew Stephe
2011 Language ideologies and language practices in France and Spain : the case of Breton, Occitan, Catalan and Galician Donneky, Claire Miranda
1998 Language loss in bilingual speakers with Alzheimer's disease Friedland, Deborah Cecily
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