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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012 The journey of becoming and being a mother raising a disabled child Shi, Yi-Ting.
2016 The journey of researching on to researching with : theoretical and methodological challenges within educational research Clark, Jill Lindy Leigh
2016 The journey through school for children with cystic fibrosis : an interpretive phenomenological analysis Cotter, Breda
2006 Key determining factors influencing small states' relationships : a case study of Malaysia's relations with Saudi Arabia Idris, Asmady
1997 The kinematic analysis and metrology of cylindrical worm gearing Hu, Jun
2012 Kinematic and anatomical measurement for biomechanical finger models Warlow, Oliver
2015 Kinematic GNSS tropospheric estimation and mitigation over a range of altitudes Webb, Samuel Robert
1977 The kinematics and vibration of planar linkage mechanisms Oldham, Keith
1982 The kinetics of the acid catalysed hydrolysis of dodecyl sulphate and dodecyl ether sulphate surfactants in concentrated micellar solutions Garnett, Christopher John
1968 Kinetic studies in the electrocrystallisation of metals Astley, D. J.
2013 Knee joint kinematics associated with osteoarthritis in an older cohort Morris, Richard
2015 The knowledge, a collection of poetry, and, The poem noir : film noir in contemporary poetry Challis, John David
1994 A knowledge-based decision support system for computer disaster prevention in IT centres Danish, Tawfig Yousef.
2014 A knowledge-based system for low-grade waste heat recovery in the process industries Law, Richard
2009 Knowledge-based urban development in China Wang, Xuefeng
2011 Knowledge construction using web-based constructivist approach: a critical evaluation of students' performance Yusoff, Mohd Hafiz
2012 Knowledge derivation and data mining strategies for probabilistic functional integrated networks James, Katherine
2017 Knowledge extraction from biomedical data using machine learning Lazzarini, Nicola
2005 Kompang :an organological and ethnomusicological study of a Malay frame drum Abdullah, Mohd Hassan
2016 K.S. Sorabji on neglected works : counter-canon as cultural critique McMenamin, Sean
2016 L2 English fricative production by Thai learners Kitikanan, Patchanok
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