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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014 "It's time to kick a** and chew bubble gum" :an ideological critique of narrative in action games Cassar, Robert
2014 IVF based approaches towards the treatment and prevention of mitochondrial disease Irving, Laura
1999 'Ivory Lives' :race, ethnicity and the practice of whiteness amongst young people Nayak, Anoop
1989 Jack Clemo : cartographer of grace Lane, Stephen John
2011 Jack Clemo : poet in white silence : a critical analysis, and, Stripping the cadaver : a collection of poems Sandford, Rosemary Ada
1979 Jane Austen and eight minor contempories :a study in the novel 1800-1820 Hinson Jones, Hannah
2011 Japan self-defence forces' overseas dispatch operations in the 1990s : effective international actors? Mulloy, Garren
1976 Jesus and the Gospel of Mark :the study of a pre-Markan sayings tradition Blakey, Elaine Jennifer
2017 The Jihadist discourse of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (2003-2005) : representational, intertextual and argumentative analysis Alsamdani, Hadi Alhussin A
2009 Job satisfaction of university academics in China Yu, Xinying
2016 John Ashbery and surrealism Spittle, David Graham Parnel
1980 John Cowper Powys and the art of the novelist Hodgson, John
2006 John Dowland's printed ayres :texts, contexts and intertexts Gibson, Kirsten Vanessa
2015 Joining, participating in and withdrawing from a social networking site Osorio Toro, Carlos Andres
2012 The journey of becoming and being a mother raising a disabled child Shi, Yi-Ting.
2016 The journey of researching on to researching with : theoretical and methodological challenges within educational research Clark, Jill Lindy Leigh
2016 The journey through school for children with cystic fibrosis : an interpretive phenomenological analysis Cotter, Breda
2006 Key determining factors influencing small states' relationships : a case study of Malaysia's relations with Saudi Arabia Idris, Asmady
1997 The kinematic analysis and metrology of cylindrical worm gearing Hu, Jun
2012 Kinematic and anatomical measurement for biomechanical finger models Warlow, Oliver
2015 Kinematic GNSS tropospheric estimation and mitigation over a range of altitudes Webb, Samuel Robert
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