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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Growth and metabolic outcomes in children born preterm :the Growmore study Tinnion, Robert John
2017 Growth of lettuce with different content of inorganic nitrate as a feeding strategy for placebo-controlled nutritional interventions to test the effects of inorganic nitrate on human health Qadir, Othman Kareem
2006 Guess my vote: a study of opacity and information flow in voting systems Peacock, Thea
2017 Habitat structural complexity of Caribbean coral reefs and its relationships with fish community structure Dryden, Charlie
1992 Haemodynamic changes during human pregnancy Robson, Stephen Courtenay
2002 Hannibal's strategies during the second Carthaginian War with Rome & his ultimate goal of Roman subjugation Gentry, Sean Alexander
2011 Hans J. Morgenthau, the "marginal man" in international relations : a "Weltanschauungsanalyse" Rosch, Felix Johannes
2011 Hardware acceleration of photon mapping Hoggins, Carl Andrew
2017 Harmonised method to validate the impact resistance performance of composite passenger railway carbodies O╠łnder, Asim
2005 Harmonising policy and technology : environmental regulation of mine waters in the United Kingdom and European Union Amezaga Menendez, Jaime Miguel
2017 HCI and re-making place Crivellaro, Clara
2011 Health and disease in Chalcolithic Cyprus : a problem-oriented palaeopathological study of the human remains Gamble, Michelle
2017 Health claims on food products in South East Asia : a comparative study on regulatory framework and consumer understanding Tan, Karin Yu Mian
2006 Heart rate and blood pressure variability :association with white matter lesions and cognitive function following stroke McLaren, Andrew
2016 Heat resistant thermophilic endospores in cold estuarine sediments Bell, Emma
1986 Heat transfer on a rotating surface with and without phase change Khan, Javaid Rabbani
2012 Hegemony and resistance as shown in critical discourse analysis of trainee interpreters from the P.R.C. and Taiwan in Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreting Chang, Pin-ling
2000 Henri Laurens and the Parisien avant-garde Racz, Imogen Anne
2017 Hepatitis B, measles and varicella infections, among newly recruited military and healthcare employees in the Saudi National Guard : associated knowledge, concerns and barriers to vaccination Al Thaqafy, Majid Seraj K
2014 Hepatocyte generation from pancreatic acinar cell lines Fairhall, Emma Alexandra
2012 Heritage and non-heritage Chinese students' perceptions of language learning strategy use Liu, Yunzhen
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