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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Funding and financing urban infrastructure : a UK-US comparison Strickland, Thomas Christopher
2017 The funding of infrastructure from value capture mechanisms : the institutionalisation of an economic growth discourse in English spatial planning Peel, Brian S.
2016 Further development of a novel fluoride releasing acrylic orthodontic adhesive Ismail, Hadi Mohammed
2012 Gained in translation :the effects of translators' gender on English-language children's literature as translated in China and Taiwan Hsin, Chia-Hui
2014 Gain-of-function STAT1 mutations impair STAT3 function and underlie susceptibility to Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis Zheng, Jie
2017 Gait as a predictor for cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease Morris, Rose Elizabeth
1988 Garbage collection in distributed systems Wiseman, Simon Robert
2013 Gas adsorption and separation properties of porous material Armstrong, Jayne
2009 Gastric aspiration and lung transplantation Stovold, Rachel
2012 Gastric aspiration, epithelial injury and chronic lung allograft rejection Aseeri, Ali
2011 Gastro-oesophageal reflux, aspiration and anti-reflux surgery in a human lung transplant population Robertson, Andrew Gerard Ninian
2015 Gastroparesis symptoms in Parkinson's disease :correlation with motor and non-motor symptoms and exploration of a novel drug to improve gastric emptying Marrinan, Sarah Louise
2012 Gaussian process models for proces monitoring and control Serradilla, Javier
2014 Gender and space in post-colonial French and Algerian cinema Sharpe, Mani
2013 Gender, faith and locality: Muslim women in Scotland Ali, Rahielah Noreen
1997 Gender representation and textual strategies in the films of Pilar Miro Hamilton, Jayne
2016 The genealogy of Nick Land's anti-anthropocentric philosophy: a psychoanalytic conception of machinic desire. Overy, Stephen
2017 Gene expression profiles and biomarker identification for KMT5A identifies novel potential therapeutic targets in prostate cancer Alebady, Zainab Adnan Hatem
2002 A general Bayes theory of nested model comparisons Chadwick, Thomas Jonathan
1983 General purpose decentralised computer architecture Hopkins, Richard Pinder
1976 A general study of Minoan frescoes with particular reference to unpublished wall painting from Knossos Cameron, Mark Alan Shaw
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