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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The dynamics of the development of techniques for the remedial treatment of contaminated land Wills, Julian Gawain Clifford
2011 Dynamics of tropical African climate and marine sedimentation during major climate transitions Eniola, Olubunmi
2000 Dystonia : a comprehensive and longitudinal study of the epidemiological, social, economic and psychological implications of dystonia within the population of the North East of England Butler, Anthony Gordon
2016 eacher evaluation policies and practices in Kuwaiti primary schools Aljenahi, Nadia Bader E. A.
2015 Early phonological acquisition by Kuwaiti Arabic children Alqattan, Shaima
2004 Eco-design decision making : towards sustainable engineering design of large made-to-order products Stoyell, Juliette Lise
2007 Ecological design values of traditional urban courtyard dwellings : a two phase study at 1st to 10th lanes, Dongsi neighbourhood, Beijing Yang, Zhen
2006 Ecological direct action and the nature of anarchism : explorations from 1992 to 2005 Duckett, Michael Robert
1992 The ecology of black grouse Tetrao tetrix in North-East England Starling, Anne Elizabeth
2011 Ecology of nitrification in oil refinery wastewater treatment systems Brito, Ivana Regina Couto De
2006 E-commerce protocol supporting automated online dispute resolution Alfuraih, Saleh Ibrahim
2011 Economic analysis of beef cattle farmers' technical efficiency and willingness to comply with disease free zones in Kenya Otieno, David J.
2006 An economic analysis of the farmland market and farmland abandonment in Japan Shigeto, Sawako
2017 Economic and empirical investigation of bioelectrochemical systems for CO₂ utilization Christodoulou, Xenia
2013 Eddy current pulsed thermography for non-destructive evaluation of carbon fibre reinforced plastic for wind turbine blades Cheng, Liang
1980 Educational drama in the secondary school :an investigation of theory and practise Collins, Jude
1977 Education and economic growth in Iraq : 1953-1974 Al-Dahwi, Fuad Abboud
2011 Education and learning for people with ankylosing spondylitis Thompson, Benjamin
1972 The education, employment and integration of Indian and Pakistani youths in Newcastle upon Tyne :an empirical study Taylor, John H.
2000 Effective governors - effective schools? :a study of governor effectiveness and its association with school effectiveness Dingle, Robert John
1984 The effectiveness of behaviour modification procedures in the secondary schools with limited teacher training and consultation time Macmillan, Angus
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