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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Current fed multilevel converters for high current power applications Hassan, Bakri
2007 Customer education : definition, measures and effects on customer satisfaction Aubert, Benoit
2011 Cytokine regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in keratinocytes in periodontal disease Areibi, Aisha G.
2017 Daily air pollution levels and asthma : exploring the influence of time-activity patterns on personal exposure in Al Jubail industrial city, Saudi Arabia Albalawi, Salem Mohammad S
2008 Damm Sokkor! : identifying, exploring and testing the factors influencing the care of patients with diabetes in primary care inTunisia Alberti, Hugh
1977 Data dependent program generation Quarendon, Peter
2012 Data-driven, mechanistic and hybrid modelling for statistical fault detection and diagnosis in chemical processes Stubbs, Shallon Monique
1993 Dataflow development of medium-grained parallel software Harley, Jonathan William
2012 Data hovering algorithm for improving data retention and data quality in energy-constrained mobile wireless sensor networks He, Yingjie
2007 Data integration for the monitoring of batch processes in the pharmeceutical industry Wong, Chris Wai Leung
2013 Data integration strategies for informing computational design in synthetic biology Misirli, Goksel
2007 Daughters of Dionysus :women writers and the dark side of late-victorian hellenism Olverson, Tracy Dawn
2009 Dealing with hidden issues :social rejection experienced by trafficked women in Nepal Poudel, Meena
1988 Decentralised Control Flow: A Computational Model for Distributed Systems Mundy, David H.
2016 Decision making about breech presentation :exploring women's experiences and developing decision support Say, Rebecca Emily
1998 Decision making by expert coaches : an investigation into apparently intuitive practice Lyle, John William Baird
2011 Decision making in pregnancy and childbirth : hopes, expectations and realities Lally, Joanne Elizabeth
1997 Decision-support system for domestic water demand forecasting and management Froukh, Mohammed Lu’ay Jamal
2015 Declines and conservation of Himalayan Galliformes Dunn, Jonathon Charles
1999 Dediazoniation reactions as potential routes to fluoroaromatics Sexton, Brian
1983 Deep bed drying of malt Bala, Bilash Kanti
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