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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Free improvisation, structure and game Nielsen, Richard John
2018 In situ transesterification of rapeseed for production of biodiesel and secondary products Babatunde, Akeem Abiodun
2018 How to do Grindr :sensory, visceral and haptic geographies of men who use Grindr in Newcastle-upon-Tyne Bonner-Thompson, Carl Anthony
2018 Governing the Mexican drug war : a political geography of public security and the organisation of everyday violence Bezares Buenrostro, Hector Eduardo
2018 Microbial community dynamics and operational performance in rice straw anaerobic digestion Zealand, Andrew Michael
2018 Experimental investigation of inertial particle transport in a turbulent boundary layer Haji Abdul Wahab, Suhaimi
2018 Negotiating the transition to adulthood : Gill, Sean
2018 Inclusion in digital environments for people with aphasia Menger, Fiona Catherine
2018 After the asylum : place, value and heritage in the redevelopment of historic former asylums Gibbeson, Carolyn Fay
2018 An assessment of the potential of solar photovoltaic (PV) and hybrid renewable energy application in South Africa Mulaudzi, Silas Khakhathi
2018 The interviewer's self-disclosure in L2 research interviews : a conversational analytic study on empathic reformulation and discursive identity work embedded in the interviewer's self-revealing talk Cho, Yoonjoo
2018 The quality of experience of next generation audio :exploring system, context and human influence factors Walton, Timothy
2018 Designing technology to promote play between parents and their infant children Marshall, Kevin
2018 Human-microbiota interactions in health and disease :bioinformatics analyses of gut microbiome datasets Collison, Matthew Geoffrey
2018 Numerical modelling of unsaturated tropical slopes Mohd Taib, Aizat Bin
2018 In situ product recovery of butanol from the acetone butanol ethanol fermentation Outram, Victoria
2018 Periods of ownership in shipping : patterns and influences Mihaylova, Ralitsa
2018 Rethinking rural transitions :a case of Bozcaada Turkey Okumus, Duygu
2018 Compositional circuit design with asynchronous concepts Beaumont, Jonathan Richard
2018 An investigation into predictors of the human body burden of polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardents Bramwell, Charlotte Lindsay
2018 Molecular pathology : the roles of P53 in the oxidative stress and DNA damage responses in chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma Mahdi, A. K.
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