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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The role of POLG mutations in human disease Anagnostou, Maria-Eleni.
2018 The skin and barrier function in radiation and chemical exposures Rashdan, Eyman
2018 Chromosome organisation and segregation during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis Roberts, David Michael
2018 The international linkages of Nigeria as an oil-dependent economy : macroeconometric analysis Ibironke, Adesola Bamidele
2018 Effects of early-life adversity on the adult phenotype in European starlings Gott, Annie Jean
2018 In vitro characterisation and modulation of evolving epileptiform activity Codadu, Neela Krushna
2018 The stories we carry Bostock, Elizabeth Anne
2018 The impact of orthodontic treatment on eating related quality of life on different cultures and different age groups (United Kingdom and Kurdistan populations) Abdulrahman, Adham Ameen
2018 Nutritional properties of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) and its effects on cardiometabolic risk factors and gut microbiota Li, Liangkui
2018 a Functional imaging techniques to personalise oncological treatments Pearson, Rachel Anne
2018 Generation of a model for human prostate development using patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells Curry, Emma Louise
2018 The effects of Tma20 and Tma22 on gene expression and telomere function Torrance, Victoria Fiona
2018 APC/C processivity and cell cycle regulation in meiosis I mouse oocytes Thomas, Christopher.
2018 The role of microRNAs in chronic lung allograft dysfunction Ladak, Shameem Sultanali
2018 a Investigation of glycine transporter GLYT1 in tumour cell proliferation Garcia Bierhals, Christine
2018 Skeletal muscle, exercise and activity in pulmonary hypertension Sithamparanathan, Sasiharan
2018 Rational dilation and constrained algebras Undrakh, Batzorig
2018 Process development using oscillatory baffled mesoreactors McDonough, Jonathan Richard
2018 a Preparation of functional polyHIPE polymers for agro-process and bio-process applications Thumbarathy, Deepashree
2018 Addressing the challenges of crude oil processing utilising chemometric approaches Stubbins, Frederick John
2018 Probabilistic bounded reachability for stochastic hybrid systems Shmarov, Fedor
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