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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1950 Anglo-Afghan relations, 1798-1878, with particular reference to British policy in Central Asia and on the North-West frontier of India Khan, Munawwar
1958 The fauna of wrack beds Egglishaw, Henry J
1960 An epidemiological study of malajustment in childhood Brandon, Sydney
1960 The politics and administration of the borough of Morpeth in the later eighteenth century Fewster, Joseph Michael
1961 The biology and ecology of the swede midge Contarinia nasturii (Kieffer) (Diptera; Cecidomyidae). Readshaw, J. L.
1963 Lead, land and coal as sources of landlord income in Northumberland between 1700 and 1850 Hughes, Mark
1963 The ports and trade of the Red Sea Basin. Asfour, M. M.
1964 The geology of the region between the Alness River and the Dornoch Firth Armstrong, Matthew
1965 The stress-corrosion cracking of mild steel in nitrate solutions Henthorne, Michael
1966 The manipulation of trees and linear graphs within a computer and some applications Obruca, Alex Karel
1967 Dickinson, H. T.Henry St. John and the struggle for the leadership of the Tory party, 1702-14 Dickinson, H.T.
1968 Environmental and diagenotic studies of the Cleveland ironstone formation of north east Yorkshire. Chowns, Timothy M.
1968 Studies on the partial reduction of nitrobenzene, with particular reference to electrode geometry Rance, H.C.
1968 Kinetic studies in the electrocrystallisation of metals Astley, D. J.
1968 A study in the estimation and measurement of bed load discharge Muir, T. C.
1968 Lower Palaeozoic Trilobita : the Cheiruridae ; a preliminary account of the Llandoverian trilobite fauna of the type area Lane, Philip D.
1969 The machining of rock materials. Allington, Andrew V.
1969 Effects of H.V.D.C. transmission line on the transient performance of an A.C. power system : a digital computer study Ahmed, Syed Muhammad
1969 Sedimentological studies of the Eller Beck bed and the Lower Deltaic series in north-east Yorkshire Knox, R.W.O'B.
1969 Inorganic complexes of aluminium in aqueous solution Lester, G. D.
1969 The computer solution of problems in integer programming. Guy, M. R.
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