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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Love, intimacy and relationships :exploring young Chinese people's identities in the post-reform and globalizing era Yang, Chao
2018 Cellular and molecular heterogeneity in the synovial tissue of osteoarthritis patients Wood, Matthew John
2018 Cognitive dissonance in food and nutrition : the development and initial efficacy test of the food cognition dissonance framework Ong, , Andy Swee Jin
2018 MicroRNA profile and function in kidney ischaemia and reperfusion injury Situmorang, Gerhard Reinaldi
2018 Exploiting DNA surfaces for sensing and nanomaterial applications Lunn, Samantha Marie Louise
2018 Inorganic geochemical characterisation of the Cretaceous source rocks of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia Mahoney, Carol Ann
2018 Dispelling myths of first-generation immigrant code-switching : evidence from Thai marriage migrants in England Promprakai, Narawan
2018 The role of Mep2 in yeast pseudohyphal growth Chembath, Anupama
2018 "To what extent does the offer of Rubat housing meet the needs of poor women in Jeddah?" Al-Ahmadi, Fouz Shaher
2018 Geometric frequency reuse for irregular cellular networks Adejo, Achonu Oluwole
2018 The construction of Latin America as a brand : $$b designs, narrations, and disputes in Peru and Cuba Lossio, Félix
2018 Regional cooperation and local and regional development : a comparative analysis of the Coffee Region (Columbia) and O'Higgins (Chile) Morales-Arcila, Diana Carolina
2018 Intertidal collection within the Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site : investigating the scale, locale, and ecological impacts of harvesting Arenicola marina, Arenicola defodiens, and Littorina littorea Tinlin-Mackenzie, Ashleigh Rose
2018 Agents of change :the perceived impact of engaging in action retsearch on teacher action researchers Whelan, Alison
2018 An intraday examination of the role of priors in the price discovery process Roodbar Mohammadi, Baback
2018 a Investigating sodium-hydrogen exchanger 1 (NHE1) inhibition as a potential therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy Ioannou, Persefoni
2018 There and back again : imperial and national space in British children's fantasy Subramanian, Aishwarya
2018 Topic management :the 'about what-ness' of interaction in student university meetings El-Wakai, Khadija
2018 The PIT : a YA response to Miltonic ideas of the fall in romantic literature Fraser, Callum Neill
2018 Noise modelling, vibro-acoustic analysis, artificial neural networks on offshore platform Ji, Xi
2018 First principles study of point defects in diamond Peaker, Chloe Victoria
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