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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Production diseases and farm animal welfare :what do the public think? Clark, Beth
2018 Progress beyond development : reclaiming the active individual Clark, Adam Jonathan
2018 Approaches to natural product antibiotic discovery from actinomycetes Chrobak, Olga Maria
2018 A grounded theory of authenticity and quality constructions for ethnic restaurants : implications for effective marketing strategies Chatzopoulou, Eleni
2018 Proportional resonant control of three-phase grid-connected inverter during abnormal grid conditions Althobaiti, Ahmed Othman
2018 Advancing the technology of sclera recognition Alkassar, Sinan Husam Mahdi
2018 Robust text independent closed set speaker identification systems and their evaluation Al-Kaltakchi, Musab Tahseen Salahaldeen.
2018 Intolerance of uncertainty, social anxiety and alcohol use among students in the United Kingdom and Indonesia Yuniardi, Muhamad Salis
2018 Single channel overlapped-speech detection and separation of spontaneous conversations Kadhim, Hasan Mohammad-Ali
2017 The effects of a peer-mediated synthetic phonics intervention with children from a rural Indian town Counihan, Christopher-John
2017 Environmental effects on the photophysics and photochemistry of some aromatic molecules Al-Aqar, Roza Abdulrazaq Salih
2017 'Just a heap of rubble' :trauma and home loss in British women's personal correspondence during the Second World War Butler, Stephanie Elaine
2017 Exploring the orthogonal dynamic covalent imine and disulfide bonds in polymer systems Bracchi, Michael Edward
2017 Using Bluetooth to estimate traffic metrics for traffic management applications Ayodele, Emmanuel Gbenga
2017 The Jihadist discourse of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (2003-2005) : representational, intertextual and argumentative analysis Alsamdani, Hadi Alhussin A
2017 Imams' language use in mosque sermons Alsaawi, Ali Abdulkarim A
2017 Coded-OFDM for PLC systems in non-Gaussian noise channels Al-Rubaye, Ghanim Abdulkareem Mughir
2017 Protonation of biologically relevant sulfur ligands Al-Rammahi, Thaer Mahdi Madlool
2017 Signal processing and machine learning techniques for human verification based on finger textures Al-Nima, Raid Rafi Omar
2017 Supramolecular hydrogels and discrete structures based on metal coordination and hydrogen bonding Al-mahamad, Lamia Lafta Ghashim
2017 Environmental effects on the photophysics and photochemistry of some aromatic molecules Al-Aqar, Roza Abdulrazaq Salih
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