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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Recognition and support of children with speech, language and communication needs : Mroz, Maria Anna
2016 The historical militancy of Madeleine Rebérioux, 1920-2005 Crabtree, Ellen Patricia
2016 Finding an ecomuseum ideal for Hainan Province : encouraging community participation in intangible cultural and natural heritage protection in a rural setting in China Massing, Katharina
2016 Partitioning workflow applications over federated clouds to meet non-functional requirements Wen, Zhenyu
2016 Scaled boundary FEM :methodology development and applications for offshore wave diffraction Shiou Yuan, Serena Lim
2016 Compounding in modern standard Arabic, Jordanian Arabic and English Altakhaineh, Abdel Rahman Mitib Salim
2016 A numerical study of vortices and turbulence in quantum fluids Stagg, George William
2016 Irregular aluminium foam and phase change material composite in transient thermal management Mustaffar, Ahmad Fadhlan Bin
2016 Irregular aluminium foam and phase change material composite in transient thermal management Mustaffar, Ahmad Fadhlan Bin
2016 The synthesis and application of polymer immobilised ionic liquid phase catalysts Clemmet, Ashley Reginald
2016 Scalable coordination of distributed in-memory transactions Emerson, Ryan
2016 High performance graph analysis on parallel architectures Grivas, Athanasios K
2016 Modelling and simulation of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells and their integration in hybrid gas turbine plants Ighodaro, Osarobo Omorogieva
2016 Observability and estimation of geocentre motion using multi-satellite laser ranging Spatar, Ciprian Bogdan
2016 Thinking about our feelings : a pedagogical innovation centred on the skills of emotional intelligence with Third Culture Kids Whyte, Sarah Jane
2016 The evolution of niche width Reed, Daniel Thomas
2016 Aiding information security decisions with human factors using quantitative and qualitative techniques Turland, James Kevin
2016 Investigation and validation of QTL for yield and yield components in winter barley Barral Baron, Guillaume
2016 I am still bed six :a collection of poetry, and, Poetry as therapy and poetry beyond therapy Reid, Lindsay Emma
2016 The role of enzymes and binding modules in the degradation of eukaryotic, microbial and plant cell walls Temple, Max
2016 Resilient infrastructure networks :managing the impacts of disruptive events on resource movements Brown, Shaun Anthony
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