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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Using an illumination discrimination paradigm to investigate the role of illumination priors in colour perception Aston, Stacey Jane
2018 Morphology-based landslide monitoring with an unmanned aerial vehicle Peppa, Maria Valasia
2018 An investigation into the biosynthesis of proximicins Moreland, Pollyanna Eleanor Jean.
2018 Using mobile technology to foster autonomy among language learners Albadry, Haifa Fareed Abdulmajeed.
2018 The contribution of methyltransferases : demethylases to renal fibrosis Nawafa, Lotfia Shames Omar
2018 Bio-material probes :design engagements with living systems Ramirez Figueroa, Paola Carolina
2018 Investigation of the thermo-hygro-chemico-mechanical performance of the Bentonite barrier at the high-level radioactive waste canister interface Davies, Christopher William
2018 Co-operation or competition : incentives and obstacles to co-operation between Labour and the Liberal Democrats Johnson, Craig
2018 From combatant to casualty :challenging conceptions of children's political agency in Colombia Graham, Alicia Claire
2018 The careers of skilled migrants in the North-East of England Kozhevnikov, Andrey
2018 Stray magnetic field based health monitoring of electrical machines Lui, Zheng
2018 Dietary intake, B vitamins and health outcomes in the very old : $$b analysis of the Newcastle 85+ study Mendonça, Nuno Miguel Pinho
2018 Glycaemic variation in insulin treated diabetic patients with end stage renal disease on maintenance haemodialysis and its effect on cardiac electrical activity Siddaramaiah, Naveen Hullekere
2018 Linking above and below-ground interactions in agro-ecosystems : an ecological network approach Orrell, Peter
2018 Environmental and material controls on desiccation cracking in engineered clay embankments Eminue, Oboho Okon
2018 Fundamental understanding and modelling of turbulent premixed flame wall interaction :a direct numerical simulation based analysis Lai, Jiawei
2018 Fronting constructions in Chinese from synchronic and diachronic perspectives Li, Man
2018 An integrated approach to planning charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles Neaimeh, Myriam
2018 Spread-spectrum techniques for environmentally-friendly underwater acoustic communications Sherlock, Benjamin
2018 Modelling and experimental characterization of nanoindentation responses of various biocomposite materials Duan, Pengfei
2018 Low resistance metal semiconductor contacts : low power nano-electronics and sensing Ganti, Srinivas
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