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2018 Geomechanical characterisation of organic-rich shale properties using small scale experiments and homogenisation methods Goodarzi, Majid
2018 Microbial ecology of anaerobic biodegradation of benzoate : microbial communities and processes Korin, Tetyana Olegivna
2018 Evaluation of execution of arbitral awards in China's economically less-developed regions Qu, Mingji
2018 Catalytic enhancement of hydration of CO₂ using nickel nanoparticles for carbon capture and storage Bhaduri, Gaurav Ashok
2018 Constructing the role of the law teacher in the changing context of higher education policy and practice Gibby, Caroline Jane Elizabeth
2018 Morpho-syntactic competence of L2 speakers : the case of Malay L2 speakers of English Sarbini, Monaliz
2018 Participatory urban redevelopment in Tehran : an investigation through sense of place Erfani, Goran
2018 Assessing spring phenology of a temperate woodland : a multiscale comparison of ground, unmanned aerial vehicle and Landsat satellite observations Berra, Elias Fernando
2018 Coming of age : the First World War in British fiction, 1989-2014 Stern-Peltz, Marie Cecilie Hoxbro
2018 Understanding the inhibitory effects of plant-derived isothiocyanates and biofumigation on potato cyst nematodes Wood, Claire
2018 Acquisition of sociolinguistic variation in a dialect contact situation : the case of Palestinian children and adolescents in Syria Shetewi, Ourooba
2018 Surfactants and chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the Atlantic Ocean surface microlayer and the corresponding underlying waters Sabbaghzadeh, Bita
2018 A quantified past : fieldwork and design for remembering a data-driven life Elsden, Christopher Richard
2018 Synthesis and evaluation of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals processes for intensification and sustainability benefits Feng, Ruili
2018 Multimodal language learning environment of the Korean digital kitchen : a study on the impact of physicality and technological affordances on Korean vocabulary learning Park, Jaeuk
2018 The structure of DP in Central Kurdish Tahir, Rebwar Shafie
2018 The neurophysiology of stereoscopic vision Henrikson, Sindre
2018 Power efficient, event driven data acquisition and processing using asynchronous techniques Ogweno, Austin Juma
2018 An investigation into the ability of transport initiatives to change commuter travel mode choices Lin, Yi-Chun
2018 Magnetic domain microstructure analysis of sintered rare earth magnet materials with high coercivity Yazid, Muhsien Mohamed Nasr
2018 Local authority museums after the cuts :a study of other-than-public forms of management Rex, Bethany
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