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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The res publica of the tribunes : tribunician legislation and the political strategies of the Roman mid-republican elite (218-180 BC) Ciucciovè, Roberto
2018 Mourning jewellery in England, c.1500-1800 Middlemass, Cara Sian
2018 Next generation sequencing for the water industry Iceton, Gregg
2018 Mitigation techniques for acoustic noise and vibration in switched reluctance drives Pupadubsin, Ruchao
2018 Design and use of novel non-invasive head immobilisation method for investigation of behavioural and functional asymmetries in non-human primate auditory cortex Slater, Heather
2018 Respiratory function in the very old and its impact on disability and mortality Yadegarfar, Mohammad Esmaeil
2018 Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into corneal epithelial like cells Binti Kamarudin, Taty Anna
2018 Characterisation of the major porins OmpU and OmpT of Vibrio cholerae Pathania, Monisha
2018 Investigating homeostatic disruption by constitutive signals during biological ageing Martinez Guimera, Alvaro
2018 Structural and functional characterisation of cyclin dependent kinase 1 containing complexes Korolchuk, Svitlana Mykolaivna
2018 Interjecting into inherited narratives : the politics of contemporary music making and creative practice Pollard, Craig
2018 Does a senescene-like phenotype in neurons contribute to brain ageing and neurodegeneration? Fielder, Edward Peter
2018 The role of Candida albicans oxidative stress responses in triggering filament formation and macrophage escape following phagocytosis Achan, Beatrice
2018 An efficient telemetry system for restoring sight Fattah, Nabeel Abdulrazzaq
2018 The role of melanocyte senescence in skin ageing Victorelli, Stella Goulart
2018 Exploring inequalities in child cognitive ability, psychological well-being and risky health behaviours Robinson, Tomos James
2018 The grey space : notions of loss in writing real lives : critical thesis & The sculptress, a work of creative non-fiction Brownlee, Lucie Alexandra
2018 Evolution of hydrogenosomes in anaerobic ciliates Lewis, William Henry
2018 Interactions between demand side response, demand recovery, peak pricing and electricity distribution network capacity margins Mullen, Christopher
2018 Let's talk about the everyday : revealing ordinary life through performance Dudman, Jane
2018 Feeding the middle classes :taste, classed identity and domestic food practices Gibson, Kate Shirley
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